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Info for Sophomores

Students and parents can see more detailed college planning information in the Introductory College Planning Guide for sophomores and juniors.

Tenth and eleventh grade students should:

  • Continue taking challenging academic courses; consider Honors/AP courses. If the student has not taken challenging courses yet, it is not too late to start!
  • Consider taking a College Credit Plus course. 
  • Continue your involvement in volunteer and extra-curricular activities - or being your involvement.
  • Take the PSAT & PLAN tests in October
  • Review and rework your test after receiving PSAT & PLAN results.
  • Familiarize yourself with resources provided by the guidance counselors, your school’s College Information Center and the library.
  • Begin to build your own “college file” and add to it as you gather materials about colleges that interest you. Use school vacations to visit college campuses.
  • Develop your personal resume recording activities and achievements.
  • Write two introspective essays, selecting topics from those requested on college applications. Ask someone to critique your essay.
  • Take AP Exams as appropriate.
  • Plan worthwhile summer activities (i.e. programs at colleges, volunteer work).
  • Plan next year’s program to reflect your interests, school progress, and emerging career plans.
  • Consider career and technology course offerings.

Student Digital Footprint

When students use Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, they are building a digital footprint that may last a lifetime. A digital footprint is the data trail left from digital interactions.

With regards to the web and internet, an important consideration for students is the online persona they create for themselves and its possible implications. The information students share online can be viewed by college admissions officers and future employers.

Students can inform themselves about how to build a positive online footprint while in high school.

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