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Rox Orchestra Performs For Cleveland Clinic Patients

Jan. 17, 2017 -- Roxboro Middle School musicians entertained hundreds of Cleveland Clinic caregivers and patients on January 9 as part of the clinic's Performing Arts Series.

The Fiddle Club and 7th Grade Orchestra played in the Karos Grand Lobby in the J Building for about 500 people as they walked by, according to the clinic's event organizer. There were 30-50 watching at any given time.

"Parents who came to watch heard many positive comments from people who stopped to watch the students perform, and audience members could even be seen dancing during the performance of the tango," said Nicole Clouser, instrumental music director for Rox Mid. "I'm so proud of how well they played and represented our school and district."

A special surprise for the group was meeting 92-year-old Cleveland Clinic volunteer Jordan Perlman, who played the violin in the Roxboro Orchestra in 1939.


The students and teachers were greeted by the father of Rox Mid multimedia instructor Amy Statler, who is a volunteer at the Cleveland Clinic. They also met a security officer who attended Roxboro.

According to Ms. Clouser, the Cleveland Clinic Performing Arts Program was impressed by the students' performance and behavior and they asked if they would come again to perform.

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