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Link Partnership Shows CH-UH Parent Dedication

Link Partnership

Feb. 24, 2016 -- Link is a District partner of CH-UH. Their mission is to advance the academic and social achievement of the community’s children by uniting all stakeholders around a common goal of student success.

Link offers a copious amount of programs for the CH-UH District. Link has a few specific programs that CH-UH takes advantage of, including Parents Book Club, Parents in the Middle, Parents on the Edge and Parent Ambassadors.

“It has been a joy and an honor to work with the CH-UH Parent Ambassador Team. The dedication they have to the community and its schools is inspirational. It is a gift to other parents, to the teachers, and -- most importantly -- to the students. We love these parents,” said Jane Harris and Rebecca Rumsey, Co-facilitators for the CH-UH Parent Ambassador team.

In the Parent Ambassadors program, parents from different parts of the District come together. Through informative meetings with district staff, members of this team are learning about District policies and initiatives so that they are able to serve as informed ambassadors for the District.

“Being a Parent Ambassador has been an amazing and rewarding experience. It has been wonderful to see parents come together from all different parts of the District and work to make the District great,” said Sharilee Walker, a Parent Ambassador from Noble Elementary School.

In Parents Book Club, District parents have the opportunity to read and discuss a variety of literature using some of the same strategies their children are exposed to in the classroom. Parents in the Middle supports the parents of middle schoolers as their children undergo this period of incredible growth and transformation. Parents on the Edge is a program that supports parents as children move toward young adulthood.

Through partnering with Link, CH-UH teachers will consistently use effective practices in the classroom; administrators will build collaborative school environments that encourage growth and leadership; parents will model high expectations for their children’s achievement; and the community will support and extend the work of the school.

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