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Boulevard Builds Leadership Club

Kiwanis club meeting

Nov. 26, 2018 -- Students at Boulevard Elementary School are learning how to be leaders - in their building, their neighborhoods, and across the district. 

The Boulevard Leadership Club, which currently boasts 25 fourth and fifth grade students, was launched this fall by school counselor Betsy Race and administrative assistant Karen Spinks. Because all Heights elementary schools will organize official Kiwanis Kids' Builders Clubs in January, Boulevard has already incorporated aspects of the Kiwanis curriculum into what will soon be called Boulevard's "Building Leaders Club."

So far, the focus has been on what makes a good leader, including traits and skills like being a good listener and communicator, teamwork, having an open mind, and being courageous. Following Thanksgiving, the group will launch its first school-wide initiative, Healthy Boulevard Nation, a twist on the district's Healthy Tiger Nation theme. Students will create posters, write morning announcements and lead activities to encourage healthy eating and food choices, mindfulness (including yoga and meditation), healthy lifestyle habits, and staying physically active.

Once Kiwanis is officially launched, there are some specific organizational norms each school's group will adopt, such as official elected positions. Kiwanis also expects each building to lead one project each year that raises funds and awareness for an outside cause or organization. Boulevard will do Pasta for Pennies, which raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

As time goes on, fourth grade teacher Julie Walker, who helped bring Kiwanis to Boulevard and is working alongside Ms. Spinks and Ms. Race, plans for the club to adopt classrooms in the younger grades to help with specific projects. This will allow the older students to model positive leadership for the younger students, building a pipeline of future leaders.

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