Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Heights Middle School Summer Information

June 5, 2017

Dear Monticello and Roxboro Families,

As the 2016-2017 school year comes to a close, it is our hope that you and your family have a restful summer vacation. When we return to school in August, Monticello and Roxboro will come together as one Heights Middle School located at the Wiley campus in University Heights.

Each school will retain its identity for state data-reporting purposes, but this new learning environment will function as one school featuring shared administrative leadership, combined elective classes, activities and lunch, and students taking core classes with their assigned school teachers.

Our theme for this transition is One Tiger Nation and the goal is to have students and staff connect as one “Heights Middle School.”

CH-UH District staff have been working over the past several months to formulate plans and procedures of how this transition will impact our students, staff, families, and community. We invite you, as parents, to join us in this important effort as we prepare to open the building in August.

Safe, Respectful & Responsible
We look forward to partnering with our students, parents, and community members to create safe, respectful, and responsible school environments. In June, every family will receive additional information about our Student Code of Conduct and cell phone policy.

Important Dates

  • The 7th Grade Orientation is scheduled for Tuesday, August 15, at 6:30 p.m. at the Wiley campus. Your student will receive his or her schedule and tour the building.

  • The 6th Grade Orientation is scheduled for Wednesday, August 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the Wiley campus. Your student will receive his or her schedule, meet the 6th grade teachers and staff, and tour the building.

  • The 8th Grade Orientation is scheduled for Thursday, August 17, at 6:30 p.m. at the Wiley campus. Your student will receive his or her schedule and tour the building.

  • The first day of school is Monday, August 21. Middle school will be starting at 8:00 a.m. next school year and dismissing at 2:45 p.m. The change in start and end times was made to ensure the buses are able to serve both elementary and middle school students.

  • Summer School will begin on Monday, June 12. Summer School is required for students who need to retake a core course that they did not pass. Summer school information will be mailed to students that must attend. Click here for general summer school information. You may also contact your guidance counselor for information about summer school.

Important Information

You will need to enter ALL of the information including your child’s grade, house number, street, and zip code to see if they will receive transportation services.

  • Summer Reading Lists: Families can click here to find the summer reading lists and expectations. Students entering grades 6-8 are expected to read during the summer months:

    • 6th grade students will read at least three books--one of which is Among the Hidden.

    • 7th grade students will read at least three books--one of which is Wonder.

    • 8th grade students will read a book from either a list posted on the CH-UH website or a book of their own choosing that aligns to a particular genre.

    • All students will respond to a writing prompt when they return to school in August.

  • The supply lists will be available on the school website. A full calendar will be sent home with students in August.
  • Parents of 7th and 8th grade students may contact the following individuals regarding athletics:
  • Refer to the Athletics web page regarding physicals, required practice schedules, team schedules, and general athletic information.
  • According to OHSAA guidelines, sixth grade students are not eligible to participate in the athletic program.
  • School offices will be closed June 23 through August 4. The secretaries will return August 7, and the counselors will be available beginning August 14.

  • A welcome back letter will be sent prior to the start of school in August with reminders and important information for the start of next school year.

We thank you for sending your children to our schools and appreciate the support of the community as we transition to the Wiley campus. Have a safe, restful, and fun summer!

Administrative & Counseling Team - Monticello at Heights Middle School 

Jeffrey Johnston, Ph.D.

Denise Lackey
Assistant Principal

Jennifer Colvin

Ann Bradley

Administrative & Counseling Team - Roxboro at Heights Middle School

Patrick McNichols

Racquel Armstrong
Assistant Principal

Michael Dixon

Ryketa Carr

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