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CH-UH Recognizes Tiger Team Members of the Month for January

Jan. 31, 2018 -- The theme across the CH-UH School District this year is “A Culture of Excellence”. In that spirit, each month CH-UH is recognizing employees who go above and beyond to create a culture of excellence in our district.

For January, CH-UH is honoring 12 people as the “Tiger Team Members of the Month”. Each honoree was nominated by a colleague--and in some instances multiple colleagues--and the nominees were then voted upon by a committee comprised of staffers across the district. 

The honorees will be recognized at the CH-UH Board of Education regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Read about our previous honorees:

Tiger Team Members of the Month - January 2018

Heights High School
Willie Newton, ALC Ancillary 
“Mr. Newton is a team player! Not only does he have motivational and inspirational activities created for the ALC room, he greets students EVERY morning as they enter the front door. This might seem like no big deal to most people, but this small act starts the beginning of many of our students’ day.”
Willie Newton
Delisle Options Center
Nathaniel Lightfoot, Security Monitor 
“Mr. Lightfoot has a total commitment to the students we serve. He is much more than security. He is a mentor, father, listener, and so much more to many of our students."
Nathaniel Lightfoot 
Monticello at Heights Middle School
Patti Smith, Intervention Specialist 
“The power of Patti's work is her ability to connect her students to the community and engage in relevant, real-life learning opportunities. Patti's relentless pursuit of these type of experiences led to the development of the HMS Coffee Program. Each Friday, her students travel around school with a mobile coffee cart and sell fantastic cups of coffee to staff for one dollar. The students learn banking and customer service skills while bringing smiles to staff across the building.”
Patti Smith
Roxboro at Heights Middle School
Paul Gustafson, Math Teacher 
“Mr. Gustafson works diligently to support math students and teachers across the building.  He works collaboratively with the other members of the Title Team to support the development of interventions that will help our most vulnerable learners master class content. Paul is a servant at heart and his positive attitude is contagious. He offers tirelessly of his time and energy in order to help others and to get the job done.”
Paul Gustafson
Boulevard Elementary
Karen Allen, Social Worker
“I can't imagine what Boulevard would be like without Karen Allen! Karen is the heartbeat of our school. She works tirelessly to help our kids feel supported and loved, and she works to meet their needs. Karen is so loved by the children, their families, and our staff. Thank you, Karen, for all you do! We love you!”
Karen Allen
Canterbury Elementary
Kate Duhanich, First Grade Teacher
“Kate is such a wonderful teammate to her first grade team. She is organized and creative and works hard to keep her families informed on the weekly events happening in her classroom. She uses technology with her kiddos and blends the best practices of teaching for a balanced classroom approach to education.”
Kate Duhanich
Fairfax Elementary
Melinda Stoicoiu, School Counselor 
“On any given day Melinda acts not only as a counselor, but also a friend, nurse, doctor, secretary, Girls on the Run coach, and a leader in implementing Conscious Discipline, just to name a few. She gives up her lunch daily, most often to facilitate a boys and girls group to help our students gain confidence and manage themselves in several types of social situations. She is a team player, a go-getter, and an integral and irreplaceable part of the Fairfax community.”

Melinda Stoicoiu
Gearity PD Elementary
Kathleen Kotnik, Early Childhood School Psychologist 
“Kathleen is an amazing advocate for children and is often the first person parents meet when they are seeking assistance for their preschool children with special needs. She is kind and compassionate, thorough and efficient, generous and funny, a great representative of Tiger Nation. She is always welcoming and warm to new students and families and is an important part of why our preschool shines!”

Kathleen Kotnik
Noble Elementary
Jazmyn Terry, Preschool Teacher 
“At the beginning of the school year, Jazmyn's lead teacher was out on maternity leave.  Instead of having the substitute teacher lead the class, Jazmyn (who earned her teaching license this past summer) exemplified CH-UH pride and set up the classroom, created lesson plans, met our scholars and their parents, and made sure that our youngest Noble Tigers were prepared for a great school year. Now that her partnering teacher is back, Jazmyn continues to be a strong educator as she and the lead teacher work side-by-side to prepare our preschool scholars for Kindergarten.”

Jazmyn Terry
Oxford Elementary
Cynthia Schmidt, Social Worker 
“Cindy goes above and beyond to support the students and families of Oxford. She coordinates the work of the Cleveland Clinic Mobile Unit and the Cleveland Food Bank School Market, two programs that promote health and well-being in the neighborhood. She is always available to supply students with shoes that fit, warm coats, and school supplies. She runs several social skills groups to build positive skills in students. She is the engine that keeps this machine running!”

Cynthia Schmidt
Roxboro Elementary
Kristi Glasier, Third Grade Teacher 
“Ms. Glasier’s passion and commitment to her students, their families, the school and the community goes beyond expectation. She gives her best and expects the best from her students. She is always ready to help with advice, time, and materials to those in need. She puts her heart and soul into every child that passes by her, and she exemplifies Tiger Nation and all its positive characteristics.”

Kristi Glasier
Board of Education/Bus Depot/Millikin
Betsy Gilmore, Application Specialist 
“Whenever I ask Betsy for help, she either does it right away or tells me the timeline so I know exactly what to expect. Tech issues can be frustrating, but I know that Betsy will help and if necessary walk me through a specific issue. And, she has a great sense of humor, always an asset in any role!”

Betsy Gilmore

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