10 Questions


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10 Questions

10 Questions for Authors of New Grants

Thank you for having the energy and creativity to take a new idea and consider writing it up for grant funding. Funders typically look for several factors in assessing grants, such as: whether the idea is new, unusual or has a unique twist; how many students, parents or staff the funds will serve; and what happens after the grant money is used. The following questions are a guide to help you think critically about certain key areas of your developing idea.

  1. How many students or classes will be served by the proposed program?
  2. What is the main need this program will fill? What is being addressed?
  3. What impact do you expect this program to have?
  4. Are the outcomes measurable?
  5. Is another teacher or team operating this type of program already? If so could you collaborate? If no one is providing this service or program, are there possible teachers, classes or community members with whom you could collaborate?
  6. How will this program achieve the results you anticipate? How will you measure the results and evaluate the program?
  7. What does a rough timeline of implementation look like? Does the program justify your time and resources?
  8. Are you reasonably sure this program will provide the change or benefit you’re looking for or fill the need you’ve identified?
  9. Are you prepared to measure the results effectively if the program is implemented?
  10. What will this proposed program entail as far as staff time, equipment, and other resources? What happens to the program after the initial period of funding? Can it be funded internally after start-up? If so, how will you go about it?
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