Johannesburg, South Africa 2016-2017


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Johannesburg, South Africa 2016-2017

Options Global Ambassadors Initiative

Johannesburg, South Africa

Options Global Ambassadors 

In an effort to develop more globally prepared students, our program has created the Options Global Ambassadors Initiative. This initiative is designed to provide African American male students the opportunity to participate in a mind-broadening international experience that will significantly impact their lives.

Tyron Bryant, De’shawn Gibson and Roberto Osorio traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa for eight days during the 2nd semester of the 2016-2017 school year. The Cleveland Heights-University Heights School City School District has solidified a partnership with The Steve Biko Foundation and Dale College Boys High School.

The trip afforded our students the opportunity to engage in a weeklong experience that included full immersion in Dale College Boys High School. Students also participated in panel discussions, reflective journaling and cultural site visits to the Nelson Mandela National Museum and the University of Johannesburg.

We would like to acknowledge those who have contributed to the Options Global Ambassadors Initiative.


Solomon & Louisa Oliver

Vaughn and Nicole Hill

Alma Acoff

Susan Kaeser and Jerry Blake

Clarence and Leslie Williams

Lorenzo Douglas

Pamela Jennings

Eldrige and Beautie White

Dr. Michelle Jackson

Vincent Briley

Dallas Schubert

Claude Holland

Barbara Schubert

Vincent Holland

Options Staff

C. Bernice Holland

Mark and Kristin Gallagher


Radiah Douglas

April E. White

Reginald Shelton

Philip Lammers and Joy Henderson

Yvonne Levan

Susan Pardee

Geraldine Douglas

Dr. Robert and Cheryll Bellamy

Noble Food Mart Inc.

Mark Bruss (Hillcrest Sunoco)

Washington & Lee Services, Inc.

Julianna Johnston Senturia (Heights Schools Foundation)

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