Permanent Improvement Funds


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Permanent Improvement Funds

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District passed a Permanent Improvement Levy in 2001. This levy generates $3 million annually to fund facility maintenance, repairs, and improvements throughout the District. The annual projects completed with Permanent Improvement funds are listed below, including what is planned for future projects.

The District utilizes numerous resources to help identify facility needs and prioritize them. Some of these evaluations and reports include:

  • 2007 District Wide Facilities Evaluation (Irie Kynyk Goss Architects)
  • 2009 Roof Management Plan (Taylor Consulting)
  • 2010 Facilities Assessment Report (Collaborative Inc for the Ohio Schools Facility Commission OSFC)
  • 2012 Enhanced Environmental Report (Lawhon & Associates for the OFSC)
  • 2015 Playground Development (McKnight & Associates)
  • 2016 Roof & Facade 10-year program (Taylor Consulting)
  • 2017 Capital Asset Condition Report (K2M Design)
  • 2022 District Elementary Cooling Study (GPD Architects)
  • 2023 Roof & Facade 10-year program (Taylor Consulting)
  • 2023 District HVAC Assessment (GPD Architects)

The Director of Business Services and Operations utilizes the most recent information and assessments to develop a ten-year plan, prioritizing the facility needs within the available permanent improvement funds. The ten-year plan is fluid and may change based on educational plans of the District and the needs of our students.

Scroll down to see the projects scheduled in the current fiscal year plan and the projects that the District has completed since 1998.


Building Location
BoulevardRooftop HVAC Replacement
DelisleIT Main Data Room HVAC Replacement
OxfordBuilding Tuck pointing Masonry Repair
Roxboro Middle SchoolTunnel Slab Repairs


Building Location
DistrictParking Lot Sealcoating/minor repairs
Elementary Smart Boards Install - Phase 2
DistrictIT Head End Room HVAC Replacements
DistrictGrounds Truck Replacement
BOERoof Section C
GearityMedia Center HVAC Replacement
MilikinRoof Drains
NobleElementary Windows/Doors Phase 2
NobleRoof Sections B & C
NobleRoof Sections M

The following projects were completed using Permanent Improvement funds.

2022-2023 (COMPLETED)

Building Location Item
District Elementary Delisle BOE & Wiley HVAC Controls Upgrade
District Playgrounds Canterbury & Fairfax
District Bus Purchase
District Elementary School Smart Panel Upgrades
Boulevard Roof Repairs Section C (Flat Deck)
Canterbury Window Replacement
High School Roof Repairs Sections L & S
High School Roof Repairs Sections H & J
High School Metro Health Clinic (Grant Funded)
High School Auditorium Sound System Upgrade
Noble Roof Repairs Section A, F, G
Noble Roof Repairs Section J, K, L, M
Noble Window West Elevation Replacement
Oxford Roof Repairs Section D & J
Oxford Door 5 Replacement
Roxboro Middle Roof Repairs Sections A, B, C, D, F
Roxboro Middle Kitchen Serving Line Upgrade (006 Funds)


Building Location Item
District Bus Purchase - 3 each
District Footprint duct work investigate & work
District Elementary Delisle BOE & Wiley HVAC Controls Upgrade
District Grounds equipment
BOE BOE Entrance Doors
Boulevard Roof Repairs Section B
Delisle Auto Tech Infrared Heater & Exhaust
Fairfax Retaining Wall
High School Baseball Field Backstop
Millikin Fire Alarm System Upgrade
Millikin Entrance Drive & Parking Lot
Monticello Roof Repairs Sections A, B, & E
Oxford Entrance Door Replacement
Roxboro Middle Pump Replacements
Roxboro Middle Masonry Tuck-pointing
Roxboro Middle Baseball Field Renovation
Wiley Bus Depot


Building Location Item
District Transportation Mobile Radio Upgrades
DistrictHVAC Study
District Parking Lot Sealcoat Repairs
District Busses
DistrictInfrared Temperature Readers
DistrictCanterbury & Roxboro Elementary Boiler Room Ceilings
BOECamera Additions
Canterbury Roof Repairs Section B & O
Canterbury Playground
DelisleNOC UPS Equipment
GearityPreschool Playground
High School Roof Repairs Shingles East Valley
High School Football Stadium Sound System
High School Kiln
High School Egress Signs
High School Stairwell Drainage Repairs
Monticello Boiler Room Make-up air
Monticello Camera Additions
Monticello Rm 223 Cabling
Monticello Roof Repairs Sections Gym/HVAC
Noble Roof Repairs Sections A
Oxford Façade Repairs
Oxford Roof Repairs Sections F,G,H & L
Roxboro ElementaryGutter Repairs
Roxboro ElementaryStairway Repairs
Roxboro ElementaryFoundation Repairs
Roxboro Middle Auditorium Painting
Roxboro Middle Parking Lot Repairs
Roxboro Middle Camera Additions
Roxboro Middle Roof Repairs Section J


Building Location Item
District Design-Engineering-Architect fees
District Bus Purchase (3 each)
District Parking lot Survey
Canterbury Steep Slope Roof
Canterbury Gymnasium entrance repairs
Fairfax Gymnasium Roof
Monticello Cafeteria HVAC & Kitchen improvements
Noble Masonry
Noble Roof Repairs
Oxford Roof Repairs
Roxboro Middle Dishwasher
Roxboro El Cafeteria Tables
Middle Schools Furniture Storage (Year 2)
Middle Schools Monitors for Classrooms
High School Roof Section L
High School Football Field Sound System
High School Kiln for Art


Building Project
District Bus Purchase (3 each)
District Parking Lot Sealcoating and Repairs
District Phase II Master Planning
District Bus Purchase
BOE Security Cameras
Canterbury Masonry Repairs
Gearity Roof Section E & F
Gearity Roof Repairs
Gearity Lunch Room Tables
Noble Dumbwaiter Replacement
Oxford Playground Improvements
Roxboro El Stairwell Repairs
Roxboro Mid Tennis Courts
Monticello Masonry Repairs
Millikin Security Cameras
Millikin Barn Roof Repairs
Middle Schools Furniture Storage
High School Baseball Field and Dugouts
High School Classroom Furniture
High School Auditorium Roof Repairs
High School Baseball/Softball Field Improvements


Building Project
Canterbury Chair Lift
Canterbury Monumental Sign
Delisle Roof
District Bus Purchase (3 each)
District Security Camera upgrade
High School Cleaning equipment
High School Hand Dryers
Monticello Façade
Roxboro El Playground Phase II
Roxboro El Masonry Repairs


Building Project
Coventry Playground pressure washing
Delisle Roof
District Bus equipment
District Parking lot repairs and sealcoating
Millikin Parking lot repairs and sealcoating
Millikin Playground
Monticello Track repairs
Noble Chair lift
Oxford Chair lift
Oxford Playground
Oxford Preschool and furnishings
Roxboro Mid Chair lift
Roxboro Mid Playground
Roxboro Mid Track repairs


Building Project
BOE Security upgrades
Boulevard Lunch Tables
Coventry Appraisal
District Roof & Façade 10 year plan
District Safer Schools Initiative - floor plans
Forest Hills High School Baseball
Millikin Gate
Millikin Lenel upgrade
Noble Roof


Building Project
BOE Gas storage tank
BOE Vans for Sheriffs
Canterbury Playground Surface
Coventry Floor plans for leases
Coventry Second floor storage fencing
District 3 year asbestos inspection
District Bus radios/cameras
District IP Paging
District Playground Assessments
District Security Access
Gearity Security upgrade
High School Auto Tech equipment move
High School Ball field study
High School Chemical packing and moving
High School Master facilities planning
High School Move
Millikin Mold and Remediation
Millikin Barn Severance barn conversion
Millikin Barn Parcel
Noble Playground
Park Synagogue Bus Depot site plan
Park Synagogue Water line for bus parking on Mayfield Road
Wiley Vault Transformer Work
Wiley Transformer CEI overtime


Building Project
BOE Fuel Tank replacement
Canterbury Asbestos Abatement
Canterbury Sewer repair
District Facility Master Planning
Fairfax Playground
Fairfax Safety & Security upgrades
High School Project Oversite Master Planning


Building Project
Coventry Playground planning
District Asbestos Plan
District Door Replacements Security
District Facility Master planning
District Public Address System upgrades
District Safety & Security upgrades access
Fairfax Roof replacement
High School New Tech Phase II
High School Track
High School Weight Room Move
Monticello New Tech Phase II
Monticello Public Address upgrades


Building Project
BOE Entrance
Coventry Signage
Delisle Roof Replacement
High School Asbestos Abatement East Wing
High School DVR Upgrade
High School New Sound Board
High School New Tech Project
High School Smart Boards
High School Studio Improvements
Oxford Elementary School Pilot Project
Roxboro Mid Middle School Pilot Project


Building Project
Canterbury Canterbury Main Hallway Floor
Coventry Exterior Lighting
Coventry Lake Erie Ink
Coventry Repurposing
Coventry Roof Repairs
Coventry Sprinkler System
District Bus
District Bus Cameras
District District Smart Boards Phase II
Elementary Rock Climbing Walls
Gearity Roof Replacement
Gearity Sensory Room
High School Auditorium Sound
High School Exterior Sign
High School Library Sub-Floor
High School Locker Room Floor
High School PA/Bell System
High School South Gym Lighting
High School Stage rigging safety improvements
Noble Noble Preschool
Taylor NOC UPS Upgrade
Taylor Second Floor Improvements
Wiley Park/Drop-off Improvement


Building Project
BOE Drivers Restroom
BOE Interior Upgrades
BOE Second Floor Renovations
Canterbury Playground
District District Paving
District District Stage Curtains
District Gutter and Roof Repairs
District Smart Board Power Upgrades
Fairfax Emergency Egress Lighting
Gearity Gymnasium Windows
Gearity PA System Upgrade
High School 4th Floor Renovation
High School Entry Lounge
High School Locker Room Phase II
High School North Entrance Upgrades
High School Snack Shop
High School Video Tech
High School West Gym Ventilation
High School Wireless Clock System
Roxboro El Auditorium Floor
Roxboro El Chimney
Roxboro El Emergency Egress Lighting
Wiley Bus Parking Expansion


Building Project
Boulevard Emergency Lighting Upgrades
Canterbury Emergency Lighting Upgrades
District District Wide Door Replacement
District District Wide Paving
District District Wide TC Panel Improvements
Gearity Chimney Repairs
High School Boys Locker Room Renovation
High School CISCO Lab Room 017
High School Science Wing Roof
High School Trash Compactor Relocation
High School Unit Ventilator Replacement
Monticello Feed Water Tanks
Noble Feed Water Tanks
Oxford Below Grade Waterproofing
Oxford Stair Replacement
Taylor Network Operations


Building Project
Canterbury Media HVAC Replacement
District District Wide Paving
Fairfax Office Renovation
Fairfax Parking Renovation
Fairfax Playground
Fairfax Roof Replacement
High School Service Elevator
High School Small Schools Phase III
High School Unit Ventilator Replacement
Noble Emergency Lighting Upgrade
Oxford Emergency Lighting Upgrade


Building Project
BOE/Wiley Emergency Power Upgrade
Boulevard Roof
District District Wide Copier Outlets
District District Wide Paving
District Elementary School Diagrams One Lines
District Floor Plans
Fairfax Media Center Classroom
Fairfax Office Furniture
Fairfax Playground
High School Abatement of Floor
High School Ceiling Room 318
High School Exterior Door
High School Gymnasium Floor
High School Wall/Window Rm 116
High School Wench System South Gymnasium
Monticello Emergency Power Upgrade
Roxboro Mid Gymnasium Roof
Roxboro Mid Emergency Power Upgrade


Building Project
District HVAC Equipment Replacement
High School Window Replacement and Masonry
Monticello Window Replacement and Masonry
Roxboro El Window Replacement and Masonry
Roxboro Mid Window Replacement and Masonry
Wiley Auditorium Renovation
Wiley Window Replacement and Masonry


Building Project
BOE Bus Replacement
BOE MDF Air Conditioning
District House Bill 264
District Technology
Gearity Parking and Site Improvements
High School CCTV System
High School Stage Fire Protection
High School Musical Storage
Taylor Building Renovation
Taylor Parking and Site Improvements
Taylor Renovation 3 classrooms
Wiley Lobby Renovation
Wiley Auditorium Renovation
Wiley Emergency Power Generator


Building Project
BOE Buses
BOE Technology Cat 5/6 Wiring
High School Masonry Restoration
High School Pool piping and plumbing repairs
High School Track Resurfacing
Monticello Track Resurfacing
Roxboro El Roof and Masonry Repairs
Taylor Generator and Fire Protection
Wiley Track Resurfacing


Building Project
BOE Bus Replacement
BOE Lobby / Lunch Room Remodel
BOE District Wide Facility Analysis
Boulevard Interior Renovation
Boulevard Fire Alarm System
Boulevard Playground
Canterbury Fire Alarm System
Coventry Fire Alarm System
District Technology
Fairfax Fire Alarm System
Gearity Fire Alarm System
Gearity Playground
High School Masonry
High School Restroom Renovation
High School Roofing / Sheet Metal repairs
High School Stage and Auditorium Lighting
High School Windows
Millikin Fire Alarm System
Monticello Chair Lift
Noble Fire Alarm System
Noble Paving and Waterproofing
Noble Roofing and Sheet Metal repairs
Oxford Fire Alarm System
Oxford Masonry Restoration
Oxford Roofing and Sheet Metal repairs
Roxboro El Fire Alarm System
Roxboro El Roofing and Sheet Metal repairs
Roxboro El Sanitary Sewer Replacement
Roxboro Mid Gymnasium Roof
Roxboro Mid Masonry repairs
Roxboro Mid Roofing and Sheet Metal repairs
Taylor Fire Alarm System


Building Project
BOE Bus Replacement
District Playground Improvements
District Roofing Projects
High School Window Replacement West
Noble Paving
Noble Tunnel Slab Waterproofing
Oxford Gym Wall Asbestos Removal
Oxford Interior Building Renovations
Oxford Window Wall Restoration


Building Project
BOE Bus replacements
BOE HVAC Bus garage installation
BOE HVAC replacement
Boulevard Five tables for breakfast program
Boulevard Sound Panels
Canterbury Below grade waterproofing
Canterbury Fire alarm replacement and upgrades
Coventry Building Renovation
Coventry Field Upgrade
Coventry Sound Panels
District ADA
District Milk coolers, fryers, hot water boosters
District Power-up
District Security Signage
High School HVAC South Pool installation
High School Roof renovations
High School Vo-ed changing room renovation
High School Window replacements
Millikin Fire alarm replacement and upgrades
Millikin Roof renovations
Monticello Roof renovations
Oxford Cafeteria Wall
Roxboro El Building Renovations
Roxboro El Fire alarm replacement and upgrades
Taylor HVAC Cosmetology
Wiley Roof renovations


Building Project
BOE Bus replacements
BOE Salt Truck
Canterbury Building envelope waterproofing
District Classroom Furniture Kindergarten Classes
District Computer Classroom Furniture
Fairfax Roof repairs
Gearity Building Renovation
Gearity Roof repairs
Gearity Window Replacements
High School Fire Restoration and Clean-up
High School Football field renovation
High School HVAC Mark 13 units
High School HVAC South Pool
High School Ramp/Slab
High School Roof repairs
High School South pool lighting
High School Vo-ed renovations
Millikin Restroom Renovations
Millikin Roof repairs
Monticello Additional carpet, new ceilings
Monticello Building Renovation
Monticello Flashings Science Room
Monticello Roof repairs
Noble Building Renovation
Roxboro El Building envelope waterproofing
Roxboro El Replacing Playground
Roxboro El Window Replacements
Taylor Learning Center Renovation


Building Project
BOE CPU Upgrades, Payroll Department
BOE HVAC Bus Garage
BOE HVAC Renovations, Data Processing
Boulevard HVAC Replacement - Mark 13 Unit
Coventry HVAC Replacement - Mark 13 Unit
District Classroom Furnishings for Kindergarten
District Computer Classroom Furniture
District Hot Carts, Food Service
Fairfax HVAC Replacement - Mark 13 Unit
Fairfax Roof Renovations
Gearity Floor Covering Replacement
Gearity Roof Renovations
Gearity Window Replacements
High School Field Drainage
High School HVAC Replacement - South Pool
High School Ramp/Concrete Slab
High School Roof Renovations
High School Voc-Ed Area Renovations
Middle Schools POS Upgrade, Food Services
Millikin Bathroom Renovations
Millikin Roof Renovations
Monticello Building Interior Renovation
Monticello Building Renovations - Additional Costs
Monticello HVAC Augmentation
Monticello Roof Renovations
Noble Building Interior Renovation
Oxford Widening Entrance to Driveway
Roxboro El Building Envelope Waterproofing
Roxboro El Repair of Weeps
Roxboro El Repaving of Asphalt in Playground Area
Roxboro El Window Replacements
Taylor HVAC Replacement - Mark 13 Unit
Taylor Learning Center Renovations

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