Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Joint Board/Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Yields Hefty Priority List

The Board of Education and the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) met in a six-hour meeting at the Delisle Options Center Tuesday, April 14 from 3-9 p.m.  The meeting included engaged discussions among community members, partners, teachers and staff, and a student representative.

Consultant Amy Main Morgenstern, President of Main Stream Enterprises, Inc. facilitated the meeting by asking participants to discuss the implications of the District’s hard data and the stakeholder input that has been collected from small group discussions, a large community meeting and an online survey.

Participants weighed in on a myriad of topics and over a dozen priorities began to emerge, including: the District embracing a culture of high expectations and excellence, a 100% graduation rate, an equitable education for all students no matter their background or the school they attend and accountability at all levels.

Next steps: the Strategic Planning Committee will review the desired results for 2020 and develop proposed aspirations and goals to produce the desired outcomes based on criteria that was suggested at the joint meeting. 

The proposed plan will be presented to the Board at the May 19 Board Work Session.


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