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Heights High Biology Classes Make Glowing Bacteria

Nov. 7, 2019 -- Heights High students in Janett Korb and Samantha Greene’s co-taught biology classes recently completed an Advanced Placement level lab. The lab required students to insert green fluorescent protein genes from jellyfish into a non-harmful strain of E-coli bacteria. The results of this lab produced a green, glowing bacteria. Glowing bacteria can be used to aid scientists in producing human insulin for diabetics, and other gene therapies to treat rare illnesses.

Both teachers were extremely proud of their students for stepping up to the challenge of an AP level lab, which required perseverance and a strict adherence to specific lab procedures in order to keep the bacteria and the surroundings sterile. Students had to complete pre-lab questions, the lab itself, and a lab report detailing what they learned. Student Tashara thought “the whole lab was a great experience!” She, like so many of us, “didn't know we could make bacteria glow.”


Glowing Bacteria 

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