Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Strategic Plan Mid-Year Updates

Feb. 12, 2018 -- CH-UH is in the third year of its five-year Strategic Plan, which is directing the District's work through 2020. Read about the progress being made within each of the five goals, as staff is hard at work preparing our students to succeed in college and career. Download the 2017-2018 Implementation Dashboard for complete information on strategies and action steps.

Strategic Plan Goal 1
Goal 1.1.A.1.
Heights High and Options administrators collect graduation information that pertains to grade level cohort. The collection of cohort data is a collaboration with counselors and social workers. Information regarding cohort data (the goal of 90% of students graduation by 2020) is shared with staff and students during grade level meetings. The data consists of attendance, grades, credits, state and national assessments, and academic honors (honor and merit roll).

Goal 1.1.A.3.
The grading task force meetings began in December 2017 with additional meeting dates through March 2018. A recommendation is expected to be brought to the Board of Education in April 2018.

Goal 1.1.B.1.
An intervention bank for English/ELA has been created for use by regular and special education teachers and related service providers. K-5 progress monitoring and data collection of students requiring intervention is being documented in their PLP in Infinite Campus.

Goal 1.1.C.2.
We have established monthly social worker meetings to identify community resources and share best practices. Student Services staff are compiling a resource guide to send to SAT teams so that they can refer families to outside support agencies. Student Services is also in process of attending K-12 SAT team meetings to determine if the process is being used effectively and resources are being accessed for students in need.

Goal 1.1.D.1-2.
We are currently piloting materials for Social Studies, World Languages, and Online Learning platforms.

Goal 1.2.A.4.
The Curriculum Advisory Committee will meet Summer 2018.
Goal 1.3.A.1.
A “Discipline Task Force” has been established.  Task force members include students, parents, union, staff, administrators, and community member representatives.

The task force is aligning its work and actions with the OCR Resolution. The Discipline Task Force uses data to promote, support and monitor a culture where discipline is issued fairly and justly; and without regard to race, color, sex, national origin or disability and incorporating Positive Behavioral Supports & Interventions and Restorative Practices. Our work includes the monitoring and evaluation the national standards for school climate, Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support (PBIS) and Restorative Justice Practices.

The Discipline Task Force meetings quarterly for the following purpose:
  • Monitoring and evaluation the national standards for school climate, Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support (PBIS) and Restorative Justice Practices
  • Identify “best practices” in school climate and PBIS
  • Aid in the development of a Code of Student Conduct 
  • Recommend a draft Code of Student Conduct to the Superintendent and School Board for consideration and approval 
  • Review discipline data quarterly

Goal 1.3.A.3.
Each school has a Building Level Action Plan. The plan has three goals and “School Climate” is one of those goals. Schools indicate what PBIS strategies and actions they will implement and monitor. The monitoring of the “School Climate” goal(s) also occurs at the District level and is accomplished through the “walkthrough” process twice annually.  Second Steps, Conscious Discipline, CHAMPS, and Restorative Practices are common Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) that are used to support the school climate.

The District has developed a three-year plan to implement restorative practices across the District:

  • Restorative Justice Professional Development Plan 2017-2018 through 2019/2020 (District trainer-of-trainers model)
  • Initial trainings took place for the district trainers in November 2017 (secondary staff, administrators, ALC/ALE).
  • Second round of training took place in January 2018 (Student Services, Counselors, Social Workers).

Goal 1.3.A.6.
All 7th grade students will now access College Now services through the GEAR UP Grant.

Goal 1.3.D.2.
A district planning committee and Action Plan will be in place by March 30, 2018.

Strategic Plan Goal 2

The Equity Task Force is conducting regular, ongoing training for its Equity Series I, II, and III sessions. To date, the training has been provided to more than 100 CH-UH staff members. The trainings are facilitated by James Kravitz/Joyce Bukovic (Equity Series I), Lisa Hunt (Equity Series II), Sandy Womack (Equity Series III). The equity training is focused on LEAD TOOL Constructs: Enacting and Equity Vision and Collaborating with the Community for year two.

The Task Force is developing a LEAD TOOL survey for internal documentation on ratings on Collaborating with Community and Enacting Equity Vision to be used at all trainings and at individual school staff meetings for 2018. Our goal is to follow up in the spring to look for growth and points to address based on the survey responses. The Task Force will report out to the Board of Education in March 2018.

Specialized all day training was secured for targeted groups in alignment with our year two goals. December Equity Training targeted Cohort I. Cohort I included counselors, gifted intervention specialists, and community members. Cohort II training in January focused on Advanced Placement teachers, middle and high school counselors, parents and community members.  As a result of these trainings several new members were added to support our equity team.  

Goal 2.5.A.3.
Naviance is being used as a tool for students in grades 6-12.

Goal 2.3.A.2.
The Discipline Task Force is leading the work associated with this action step, aligning with the District’s OCR Resolution Agreement:
The first discipline data reviewed occurred in November 2017.
The second discipline data reviews are scheduled for February 2018.
Two additional dates will be scheduled with each school prior to the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

Strategic Plan Goal 3

Goal 3.1.A&B.
We continue to enhance effectiveness around our family engagement practices by providing ongoing training, resources and strengthening connections to student learning and building-level action plans.

In early fall each school was invited to sign up for the National PTA School of Excellence Program, a recognition program built on partnership, increased engagement and support for school improvement. With eight of our 10 schools participating and compiling over 250 feedback surveys, a better understanding of the National Standards for Family-School Partnership, a best-practices framework, focused on student learning is underway.

We are preparing to launch Tiger Parent University, a bi-annual district-wide learning program built in response to the needs of our families, the support of our staff and aimed at strengthening school-partnerships to enhance academic preparedness.       

Goal 3.2.A.
The Community in Schools Task Force, a group made up of more than 30 community and District stakeholders, has partnered with the United Way of Greater Cleveland to explore the need for wrap-around services in CH-UH. The Task Force has completed a number of focus groups and interviews with parents, students, staff, and community and civic leaders. The Task Force will use this data to assess the need for services in the community with the goal of making a recommendation to the Board of Education in May 2018.

Goal 3.2.B.2.
College Credit Plus Night was held on February 7, 2018.

Goal 3.2.B.4.
The Heights Schools Foundation continues to explore new avenues for generating scholarships for Heights High graduates. The Foundation is also providing opportunity grants for CH-UH educators to support innovation in District classrooms.

Goal 3.2.C.1-2.
We have developed a career exploration path through the use of Naviance.

Goal 3.2.D.1-4.
These Action Steps are being completed through the Naviance curriculum.

Goal 3.3.A.1.
The Communications Department is working with our website provider, eSchoolView, to redesign and restructure our website. The new site is expected to launch in February 2018 with goal of easier navigation and efficient delivery of information.

Goal 3.3.A.3.
As of January 2018, we have 490 active Google Classrooms across the District. Teachers and students as young as first graders are using the Classroom app 24/7 to communicate, collaborate, and exchange digital assignments. During school hours, students can use Google Classroom on the Chromebooks available in nearly every classroom. Beyond the school walls, learning is always accessible to our students anytime via Google Classroom on their own smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. We also have 31 Google Certified educators district-wide as of November 2017.

Strategic Plan Goal 4

Goal 4.1.A.1-5.
Our Employee Code of Conduct was updated with new union contracts, new Board policies, and new administrative guidelines in September 2017. We continue to have principals and supervisors review the ECOC to staff members each month.

Goal 4.2.A.3-4.
HR has researched interview processes to implement in the District. The final recommendation is to move forward with HUMANeX Ventures and phase in training.

Goal 4.3.A.1.
The District will host its third conference-style professional development day on Feb 9, 2018. The Educational Services Team continues to hold K-5 grade level team meetings. These meetings, facilitated by district instructional specialists, help elementary teachers understand upcoming content, preview and reflect on common assessments and plan for instruction, intervention and enrichment.

Goal 4.3.B.1-3.
HR continues to gather data to build a database and assess trends.

Goal 4.3.C.1-2.
HR and Finance continue work with eFinance to implement the system into District operations with the goal of completion Summer 2018. The two departments are also collaborating on a comprehensive workflow review, including eFMLA, Public School Works, Transitional Work Program, and Electronic Staff Injury Reporting.

Goal 4.3.C.5.
HR and Communications have collaborated to implement a monthly employee recognition program. Each month, 12 employees are recognized as the “Tiger Team Members of the Month.” Through the first four months of the program, we have received a total of 217 nominations. Separately, we are beginning a new annual employee recognition program that will honor Teacher of the Year (each building and one district-wide), Administrator of the Year, Helping Hand of the Year (classified staff in each building), Tiger Nation Award (recognition of presentations at state and national conferences). 

Strategic Plan Goal 5
Goal 5.1.A.1-2. 
We are continually reviewing our existing five-year Permanent Improvement plan. We added additional work to the plan in the Fall 2017:

  • High School Ballfields
  • Roxboro Tennis Courts
  • Millikin Security Cameras
  • Millikin Barn Roof
  • District Elementary Facility Assessments
  • Update Roof & Facade report to include Monticello & Roxboro Middle

We are also evaluating PI priorities for Roxboro Middle and Monticello Middle to include in the renovation project with Turner Construction.

Goal 5.1.B.2.
Operations staff will be clearing out the middle schools in the coming weeks to prepare to hand off the buildings to Turner Construction. The renovations are expected to begin in March 2018 and are on schedule to be completed in Summer 2019.

Goal 5.2.A.1.
Our Energy Coach continues to work with building leaders and staff to identify energy savings opportunities. She has also brought an “energy bike” into many of the schools to help teach students about energy production and saving.

Goal 5.5.A.1-5.
The District will publish its seconal annual PAFR in Spring 2018. CH-UH has also been at the forefront of state and national advocacy for public education, hosting a forum on Jan. 29, 2018, to discuss what superintendents are doing when state policy works against the best interests of their students and districts.

Goal 5.6.A&B.
A technology plan will be developed for the District that focuses on technology deliverables and progresses towards our academic strategic plan.

Phase 1: Lifecycle management, Inventory, budget,
Phase 2: Gap analysis
Phase 3: Technology integration, alignment with Path to Student Success

The infrastructure at the high school was completely updated with the most modern cabling, wireless access points, and switches. This will allow the school to handle multiple devices in each classroom and open space. The middle schools will be undergoing the same change in infrastructure. At the elementary schools we will change cabling to handle increased needs for better speeds through the discounted E-Rate funds available to the schools.

The high school and middle schools have carts of Chromebooks in all core subject areas as well as most elective areas. The elementary schools will be adding an additional 775 chromebooks this upcoming  school year to provide devices to students in grades 2-5.

The Technology Department will continue to provide and update the infrastructure needed to provide adequate speeds for classroom technology.

Goal 5.7.A&B.
The Federal Programs and Grants office continues to use the Grant Approval form and protocol developed and placed in Google Drive to review and approve grant requests from teaching and other staff.

Funding resources and opportunities are identified and shared with relevant personnel including the Assistant Superintendent, members of the Educational Services Department, principals and teachers.

As implementation of ESSA occurs, especially in regards to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), the Superintendent, Treasurer, Educational Services team and principals are kept up-to-date through meetings and written reports.

The Superintendent, Supervisor of Communications and Federal Programs and Grants personnel periodically review and update District protocols for funding platforms such as Donors Choose and GoFundMe.

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