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BOE Passes Resolution Supporting Culturally Responsive Curriculum

July 9, 2021 -- The CH-UH Board of Education passed a resolution on July 6 in response to the efforts currently underway in Ohio and across the nation to restrict culturally responsive public school curriculums.

Ohio House Bill 322 and Ohio House Bill 327 contain language that would ban teaching certain concepts around race or “divisive topics” in school districts. The bills come as the nation engages in a larger debate on how discrimination - and its presence in United States history - are taught in schools.

The resolution closely mirrors the Ohio State Board of Education’s Equity Policy, and was passed by the CH-UH BOE on Tuesday. It asserts that “a culturally responsive curriculum reflects the history and background of all students, and empowers students to value all cultures, not just their own” and “explicitly denounces efforts currently underway to restrict the exposure of our students to a comprehensive understanding of how systemic racism has limited, and continues to limit, the potential of all Americans.”

“As an American history teacher, I take this very personally,” said Board member Dan Heintz. “If only every day in American history was a day we can be proud of. But every day gives us lessons that can help make us better if we’re willing to face our weaknesses and our mistakes.”

“I am proud to serve a District that raises equity as a core principle, and it is comforting that this is a stance that we are taking, in an environment where there are unfortunate assaults happening on districts, teachers, students and families,” said Superintendent Liz Kirby.

The District passed its equity policy in 2016, the first of its kind in Cuyahoga County.

Watch the full discussion and reading of the resolution here.

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