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Board of Education building 
CH-UH Board of Education
2155 Miramar Boulevard
University Heights, OH 44118
Talisa L. Dixon, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools216-371-7330t_dixon@chuh.org
Scott Gainer, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer216-320-2013s_gainer@chuh.org
Felisha Gould, Assistant Superintendent216-320-2036f_gould@chuh.org
Paul Lombardo, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, HR & Operations216-320-2030p_lombardo@chuh.org
Robert Swaggard, Director of Curriculum & Instruction216-320-2005r_swaggard@chuh.org
Sandy D. Womack, Jr., Ed.D., Director of Principal Leadership & Development216-320-2071s_womack@chuh.org
Karen Liddell-Anderson, Director of Student Services216-320-2160k_liddell@chuh.org
Allison Byrd, Director of Data, Research and Assessment216-320-2003a_byrd@chuh.org
Brad Callender, Director of Career and Technical Education216-320-3003d_callender@chuh.org
George Petkac, Director of Business Services & Operations216-320-2220g_petkac@chuh.org
Frank Cikach, Director of Information Technology216-320-2380f_cikach@chuh.org
Bryan Loretz, Coordinator of Safety and Security216-320-2063b_loretz@chuh.org
Sue Pardee, Supervisor of Federal Programs and Grants216-397-3869s_pardee@chuh.org
Scott Smith, Supervisor of Transportation216-320-2075s_smith@chuh.org
Scott Wortman, Supervisor of Communications216-320-2009s_wortman@chuh.org
Lindsay Baar, Coordinator of Student Services216-320-2189l_baar@chuh.org
Erin Hanna, Coordinator of Student Services216-320-2325e_hanna@chuh.org
Deborah Moore, Coordinator of Student Services216-320-2002d_moore@chuh.org
Danielle Vigh, Early Childhood Program Specialist216-371-7356d_vigh@chuh.org
Alexis Wolin, Energy Coach216-320-2346a_wolin@chuh.org
If you have a question regarding a specific department or topic, please call...
Accounts Payable - Keisha Cox216-320-2012k_cox@chuh.org
Adult Basic & Literacy Education (ABLE) - Saundra Washington216-371-7138s_washington@chuh.org
Alumni - Julianna Johnston Senturia216-397-3871j_senturia@chuh.org
Athletics - Joe D'Amato216-320-3015j_damato@chuh.org
Attendance Zones/School Boundaries - Registration216-320-2060jx_bell@chuh.org
Benefits - Denise Toney   216-320-2045 d_toney@chuh.org            
Building Maintenance & Operations - George Petkac216-320-2220g_petkac@chuh.org
Career & Technical Education - Brad Callender216-320-3003d_callender@chuh.org
Certification (Teacher) - Carla Morris216-371-7405c_morris@chuh.org
Communications/Public Relations - Scott Wortman216-320-2009s_wortman@chuh.org
Development, Grants & Grant Finance - Sue Pardee216-397-3869s_pardee@chuh.org
Education Management Information System (EMIS) - Sharon Rohler216-397-3858s_rohler@chuh.org
English Learner's (EL) Program - Lynda Holland216-320-2154l_holland@chuh.org
Building Permits - LaTrese Whitlow216-320-2074l_whitlow@chuh.org
Food Services - Greg Beegle216-320-2007g_beegle@chuh.org
GED Classes - Saundra Washington216-371-7138s_washington@chuh.org
Gifted & Enrichment Programs - Toia Robinson216-320-2182t_robinson@chuh.org
Guidance Counseling - Student's school  
Infinite Campus - Betsy Gilmore216-320-2042b_gilmore@chuh.org
Information Technology - Frank Cikach216-320-2380f_cikach@chuh.org
Intradistrict Open Enrollment - Student Services216-371-7430l_holland@chuh.org
Literacy/Title I - Sue Pardee216-397-3869s_pardee@chuh.org
Payroll - Carmen Jefferson216-320-2046c_jefferson@chuh.org
Preschool & Pre-K - Danielle Vigh216-371-7356d_vigh@chuh.org
PTA Council - Jen Holland mrsjholland00@gmail.com
Safety & Security - Bryan Loretz216-320-2063b_loretz@chuh.org
Special Education - Karen Liddell-Anderson216-320-2160k_liddell@chuh.org
Substitute Services - Kia Preston216-320-2029k_preston@chuh.org
Testing (Student) - Allison Byrd216-320-2003a_byrd@chuh.org
Transcripts - Sherelle Rozier216-320-3049s_rozier@chuh.org
Transportation - Scott Smith216-320-2075s_smith@chuh.org
2155 Miramar Boulevard • University Heights, OH 44118 • 216-371-7171

Board of Education • 2155 Miramar Boulevard • University Heights, OH 44118 • 216-371-7171 • info@chuh.org
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