Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District



May 2020
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Felisha Gould
Felisha's calm demeanor and amazing organization and leadership has been a strength throughout our emergency closure. Whether it is coordinating big picture plans for remote learning or the pickup of student belongings, Felisha has an eye for details. She has excelled in communicating and key projects are designed with attention to detail and care for staff and students.
Boulevard - Stacey Cohen
Stacey Cohen is a teacher who is so much loved by her students! Stacey is calm, warm and friendly, and her students know with no doubt that she cares about them. Her students know she carries them in her heart. Stacey's lessons are creative and inviting for students and presented in a way that assures progress. If you walk into her classroom you will see a colorfully decorated room with students wholeheartedly engaged in fun learning activities. Stacey is a well respected staff member as well and a true model of professionalism.
Canterbury - Jason Franklin
Any time we ask our custodian for anything, whether it be changing a clock or completely reorganizing our disaster of a (large) storage space, he's right on it and he does work that is thorough and professional. Jason sees things that need to be made better and makes those things happen. It's a pleasure to have Jason in our building.
Delisle - The IT Department
With respect and gratitude I would like to acknowledge the IT department. Faced with a monumental task in making sure all students in the district have the tools at their disposal to make academic strides, they rose to the challenge and beyond. They made sure that teachers had the tools to connect effectively with their students, ensuring the bond between teacher and student remained as strong as possible. In short, they have been the backbone to our success during this transitional time. Thank you!
Fairfax - Cary Jackson
Mr. Jackson is a true school custodian: always willing to help in any situation with a smile. His favorite saying is "I'm here to help."
Gearity - Patrick McNichols
Mr. McNichols leads Gearity with compassion and a firm belief that his students can achieve anything. He is an excellent communicator and always keeps his families informed, which is more important than ever. He truly cares about the Gearity community as a whole and making it a wonderful place to live and learn.
Heights High - Joe Nicklos & Jane Simeri
Mr. Nicklos and Ms. Simeri are heading into retirement this year, and both have served our District with incredible dedication for decades. They will be sorely missed at Heights High by colleagues and students alike. I wish them the best! 
Monticello - Jon Diligente
Jon is a dedicated teacher who is always searching to make his students' learning experience better. He gives his services tirelessly to the Monticello community and goes above and beyond expectations with graciousness and a smile. Mr. Diligente has worked tirelessly to coordinate the completion of the 8th grade video and awards. His efforts have ensured that our 8th graders will be recognized and celebrated as we face and overcome the challenges of COVID-19.
Noble - Paul Petkac
Paul makes sure everything in the building is running smoothly. He cares about our students and handles all teachers & staff requests. Paul has a positive attitude and a smile to share everyday. He also goes above and beyond to lend a helping hand as needed. As our Tiger Pledge states... "he inspires others to do their best by leading through example. He is always their when others need help. And he expects respect from others and responds with respect to all."

Oxford - Rebecca McCalligan
Ms. McCalligan has exceeded what qualifies to be considered a good teacher. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing her go above and beyond for her students throughout the course of this radical change from what we’ve deemed as traditional education. She’s consistently executed effort to maintain communication with parents and students, delivered work to students who experienced technical disruptions, helped disperse food, digitally meet with students individually, invest time into establishing stimulating lessons, provide emotional support to kids who are lonely and so forth. If she could’ve been identified as Tiger Team Member of the Month throughout the year, it still wouldn’t be enough for the recognition she deserves.
Rox El - Grace Chen
Grace provided so many opportunities for technology integration in her lessons for students that they were already very familiar with using Chromebooks for learning in Chinese class. Since distance learning began, she has worked hard to connect with student and provide many options for language learning while students are at home.
Rox Mid - Ryan Williams
Ryan is a terrific team leader for the 7th-grade team. He is always looking for creative solutions that are beneficial to not only the students but to the teachers as well. He never stops looking out for the team with ideas that support the entire learning environment. His resolve and commitment to Roxboro Middle School are unwavering and I am so thankful to work with him.
April 2020
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Scott Gainer
I believe Scott should be recognized as a Tiger Team Member of the Month because of his diligence and commitment to his role in the district. He has worked to keep the Board and district stakeholders informed about the financial ramifications caused by EdChoice changes and proposed legislation. In fact, he has willingly presented and even testified at the state level on the topic to support CH-UH and public education as a whole. He has also devoted countless hours toward the levy, fulfilled numerous public records requests, and much more. Of course, this is all in addition to now dealing with the unexpected circumstances caused by COVID-19. Overall, Scott sets a great example of leadership and I am happy to recognize him in this manner.
Boulevard - Octavia Houston
Octavia is the consummate professional. She helps out wherever and whenever she is needed in our building but her focus is always on the students in our class. Since the closing of school, Octavia has been instrumental in assisting in setting up our online classroom and participating in every session. She reads to the children each day and engages them in whatever lesson we are teaching. It is very hard for our children to focus and Octavia assists in bringing their attention back to the computer and to us. Octavia has maintained contact with our parents throughout this process and has been a calming influence for everyone in our class. She is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students and making sure that both the children, parents, and I are doing well. For all that she has done throughout this school year and during this most difficult time, I feel that Octavia Houston is most deserving of this award and recognition.
Canterbury - Erica Wigton
Dr. Wigton has been such a cheerleader for her students and staff. And especially during this online learning has begun, she's been keeping us all organized and has been a wonderful communicator with both staff and families.
Delisle - Fred Walker
Fred is always quick to help and is extremely patient. He is a reliable IT professional and even when he doesn't immediately have the answer, he works hard to quickly solve a problem. 
Fairfax - Nancy MacDonald
Nancy is such a caring staff member. She put together a beautiful video for students and families with our school song during COVID-19 with photos of teachers letting kids and families know that teachers miss their students. This is just one example of how Nancy works to build a community wherever she is. She always thinks of creative ways to engage her students. She is kind and respectful to all students and staff. It is a pleasure working with her!
Gearity - Amanda Blazetic
Amanda has been raising funds so she can purchase groceries for her neediest families. She goes shopping each week and drops food at their homes. Amanda also spent the entire day volunteering at our most recent School Market. I enjoy checking out her daily class meeting video she posts in her Google Classroom.
Heights High - Rebecca McDonald
Becky is one of the most passionate caring teachers I know. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for her students. Throughout the extended closure, she has reached out to her students and surveyed them regarding preferences and has adapted her planning to better suit her students. She is also a tech guru and has helped so many of her staff in her role of tech coach.
Monticello - Jen Braun
Jen deserves to be recognized for always putting kids first. This truth has been especially exemplified during this school closure. I have been amazed at her dedication to students and families during this time. She is working tirelessly to ensure that our students on IEPs are continuing to receive the quality education they deserve. She spends countless hours planning and preparing engaging lessons, modifying instruction, hosting chats, making calls and creating instructional videos. She is dedicated and committed to making sure our kids do not lose what they have learned. For these reasons and many more, Jen Braun is beyond deserving of this recognition.
Noble - Julie Egre
Julie has a positive attitude at all times. She is very helpful and kind with everybody.
Oxford - Jackie Taylor
Jackie stepped in at Oxford when Mrs. Ware took time off to help her dad when he was sick. She has been working at Oxford for over 4 months now as a Principal. She is a hard worker and jumps in to help wherever she is needed. She is very approachable and easy to talk to about issues. She has done an outstanding job at Oxford getting to know students, dealing with behavior issues, and working with teachers. She should be definitely be considered for Team Member of the Month because she has done an outstanding job!
Rox El - Melissa Garcar
Melissa has done an amazing job of attending the grade level meetings and helping staff with any questions they have. She has personally assisted teachers with setting up their Google Classroom and spent many hours outside of the regular school day working through issues that people have had. She has contacted parents and helped them get connected. Her dedication and commitment to our students is truly appreciated.  
Rox Mid - Tristan Carrier
Tristan is always going above and beyond for ALL students. Since he is unable to use his specialized reading program during this time, he is developing individualized lessons for each of his students and providing them with one-to-one online learning sessions with him.
March 2020
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Cathan Cavanaugh, Elizabeth Kirby, George Petkac
Cathan has been doing an amazing job communicating with students, parents, the community, and all of the CH-UH staff. She's literally the woman behind almost every piece of communication that has gone out during this pandemic and she's had to get all together without any warning or time to prepare. She's really been a rockstar for us all during this time and probably will get little recognition for it.

Ms. Kirby has had to face the gamut of challenges unexpectedly forced upon the CH-UH district, and I believe she has done so with diplomacy, dedication and transparency to the fullest extent possible. Her leadership and decisions during the early COVID crisis took courage and showed rational thinking and compassion for the faculty, staff, students, families and the community in general. While so many have gone above and beyond during this time period, I can think of no one who deserves Tiger Team Member of the Month recognition more than Ms. Kirby.

George has been working effortlessly during Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that our buildings are intact, as well as ensuring that the student breakfast/lunch program is functioning as needed.

Boulevard - Amy Coleman
Mrs. Coleman is an absolute gem and professional when determining the language and communication needs for all of her students. She collaborates with general education teachers and intervention specialists in order to scaffold material to further meet the needs of all students. Mrs. Coleman has an undeniable rapport with all of her students as well as always can make staff at Boulevard laugh! Mrs. Coleman is a valued member of the SST team as well. She offers unique ideas and solutions and always keeps what's best for students her top priority. Mrs. Coleman splits her time at Boulevard and Fairfax, but when she is at Boulevard, she is loved fully by her students!  

Canterbury - Laurie Wilson
Laurie continues to go above and beyond during the pandemic by delivering books to Canterbury families at their homes. She also has created wonderful resources pages and recorded herself reading Little House on the Prairie. For those reasons I think she should be Tiger Member of the Month.

Delisle -  David Nobles
David Nobles is a true team player. At Options, he is technically our Health and PE teacher but he wears many other hats. He is the consummate role model to our young Black men and he is often seen conferencing, one on one, with them in the hallway, providing valuable advice and direction. Mr. Nobles reaches out to parents consistently to keep them informed about the progress of their students and he refers students to the school counselor and social worker when he has concerns. Always smiling and joking, Dave is a great colleague and friend to every member of our staff. He is always willing to step in to help with any task, professional or personal.  

Fairfax - Laverne Jones
Ms. Jones is a team player and has always put the students first. Former students (whether in college and/or adults with their own children) come back to Fairfax to say hi. She is the staple at Fairfax.

Gearity - Brittany Salone
Ms. Salone is new to the teaching profession this school year and has worked hard to acclimate herself to the profession and her new school. She works collaboratively with her grade level partner, as a member of her TBT and in the RESA program. Ms. Salone was recently recognized as a teacher of the week by a student. She also is an active member of the committee planning our Black History Month celebrations.  

Heights High - Brenda Taylor
Security guards at school are known to ensure the school's safety; however, Brenda Taylor goes simply beyond safety and maintaining a peaceful environment so that students can grow and learn. Mrs. Taylor tries to reach out to every student on our campus establishing a personal relationship of support, advice and guidance and constantly walking the halls. She has a genuine and sincere manner to connect to students as they meander through adolescence - she is loving but consequential. We are blessed to have her!

Monticello - Desi Stewart
Desi is a champion for Monticello Middle School and the District. He is the ultimate team player who is always willing to assist a colleague or students. He is an IB leader through his participation as a member of the IB Leadership Team and commitment to making IB come alive in PE/Health. He represents what is best about Monticello and CH-UH.   

Noble - Nicole Resner
Nicole has been a team player during this entire school year. She consistently supports her team and shares resources. Also, she offers a safe space for all students within the walls of her classroom. She helps students in times of crisis, even those from different classes that request to take breaks with her. Her welcoming and warm demeanor makes her a trusted friend and colleague. 

Oxford - Michelle Bee
Ms. Bee serves in a new role as Title I Lead this school year. She is an excellent teacher and colleague. In order to best support our students and staff she reached out to colleagues in other building serving in the same position. By combining new learning with her long experience and knowledge of the Oxford community, Ms. Bee developed programs to best support our staff and students. This Fall Ms. Bee’s Title I Team hosted a Book Fair where the school earned Scholastic dollars to purchase new books for our students. In March Ms. Bee planned Oxford’s Literacy Luau which was attended by close to 200 people. Ms. Bee’s two daughters tutor Oxford students once a week. Oxford is blessed to have her! 

Rox El - Greg Jakab
We love Mr. Jakab, he is always there when we need him and always is available to help us. We are lucky to have him at Rox El! He is such a very positive presence and is a team player.

Rox Mid - Denise Lackey
Ms. Lackey is a phenomenal assistant principal and a true partner in education. She has established positive and lasting relationships with parents and students and goes out of her to maintain those relationships. Even during these times of virtual learning Ms. Lackey continues to reach out to students and families to ensure that they stay connected to our CH-UH community. Ms. Lackey never seeks out recognition, but she most certainly is deserving of it. We are lucky to have her as a member of our Roxboro Middle School family.
February 2020
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Maya Smith
Maya has done a great job in the HR Department connecting with staff, responding to any and all staff inquiries, and doing it with a pleasant smile. Maya demonstrates consistent and quality customer service and is a model for others to follow.
Boulevard - Julie Walker
Julie is the trifecta of CH-UH: alumna, teacher and parent! Julie embodies the Heights spirit and Tiger Nation pride with her passion for her students, school and community. She is committed to getting involved with anything that makes a positive difference in our community. She leads class community circles several times during the instructional day that foster strong relationships between students, empathy, reflection and fun. She also conducts several clubs during the day for students to join such as chess club and crafting, in addition to Kiwanis Club. Julie is a teacher who is reflecting daily with her team of colleagues and is willing to share her strengths and her struggles in order to improve success for all students.
Canterbury - Jacqueline Young
Jacquie consistently goes above and beyond to help ALL students at Canterbury. She reaches out to students across school settings when they need assistance academically, socially and behaviorally. Her thoughtful and creative ideas are abundant and effectively implemented. Jacquie is a professional and conscientious employee for both Canterbury and the District.
Delisle - Brian Bailey
Brian goes out of his way to help others. He is polite and always makes everyone laugh and smile everyday.
Fairfax - Keiarra Nelson
Keiarra goes above and beyond her duties as a kindergarten aide. She is always positive and a willing problem solver. Fairfax wouldn’t work without her being here. We need more people like her.
Gearity - Caren Golenberg
Caren is an exemplar teacher. Her expertise and compassion are matched only by her humbleness when it comes to her strengths. She arrives early nearly every day and hosts regular parent-help sessions in the evenings from her room - not compensated, except for the gratitude of the students and parents who attend. She has been a patient, understanding, and motivating mentor to fellow teachers, novice and experienced alike. She has a positive, will-do attitude and believes in working to improve her own self and empowering peers and students to do the same.
Heights High - Michael Jones
Michael Jones goes above and beyond expectations to Create a Culture of Excellence at Cleveland Heights High School. His leadership has paid off enormously beyond our classroom walls to the next levels for so many of our CHUH Student-Athlete Alumni both at the collegiate level as well as the professional level in the NFL Super Bowls! I have been honored to work along side Coach Jones on his coaching staff & collaborating daily with mapping out lesson plans for our current students in Physical Education, Health, Sports Management, & First Aid / CPR Classes in our department! Coach Jones outstanding character has prepared his students not just for the game, but the game of life!
Monticello - Jason Jeske
I've worked with Mr. Jeske for 15 years. He is a true professional and a team player. He's always willing to sign off on any new activity or plan that's best for the students. He comes to work everyday (really, he hardly ever misses a day) with a positive attitude, which carries over to his students. He opens his classroom to students during his lunch to provide an alternate space for students to wind down during Tiger Time. He's always in the hallways between the change of classes to monitor behavior and encourage all students to make the right decisions. He goes out of his way to get to know students that he doesn't have in class. Mr. Jeske is the teacher you want your own children to have.
Noble - Toni White
Toni has been an asset to the building. She has jumped right in to help at a moment's notice and it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated! Noble is better for having her here.
Oxford - Amnea Abu-Saleh
Our Media Specialist performs many job tasks outside her job description. She mentors trouble youth in our building, covers classes when emergencies arise, is a pleasant breath of fresh air in a building where staff morale is low. She continues to exemplify professionalism, educate our students on the importance of reading and its benefits to get through life as well as how to utilize technology as a vehicle to enhance personal and educational growth. Amnea is the ultimate team player within the Oxford Elementary School Building.
Rox El - Madison Teuscher
Madison has gone above and beyond what the typical student teacher experience would be. She has worked tirelessly to get to know every one of our students' names, she has made meaningful positive connections with parents, she runs the building's announcements and has brought fresh ideas and hard work to the table to help us celebrate Black History Month, and she plans innovative and engaging lessons for students, we are so grateful to have her on the RoxEl staff!
Rox Mid - Melissa Montague
Ms. Montague is an energetic educator who is gifted at building strong relationships with her students. She is a constant source of positivity and she is her student's biggest cheerleader. She supports her students in every aspect of their education -- in the classroom and outside of the school day! I have seen her present at sporting events and musical performances!
January 2020
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Scott Smith
Scott Smith is the most deserving employee I know of Tiger Team Member of the Month. Scott daily makes sure the District's 34 buses successfully transport 2,349 students. He talks to concerned parents, principals and employees every day providing the customer service that makes the Transportation Department a cut above the rest. Scott has not only managed the Transportation Department, he has actually driven routes due to drivers' absences to make sure our students get picked up and dropped off. Scott is the Supervisor that sets the example for all to follow.

Boulevard - Dionne Whitaker
Dionne Whitaker, Boulevard’s ELA/Math Support, stands among the best of the best educators! Confident, reserved, positive, yet dynamic! Dionne motivates and engages all students in her lessons allowing students to become more active in the learning process! She is extremely knowledgeable and understanding of the content she presents and has the skills to help her students be more successful learners! Knowing her dedication to teaching and her willingness to give time, teachers trustingly and appreciatively seek Dionne’s input. Dionne is so deserving of this award! She is not attention-seeking...her work is genuine!

Canterbury - Julie Meese
Mrs. Meese guides her students to be their best selves and challenge each other every day. Her classroom is welcoming and collaborative. We are fortunate to have Mrs. Meese as a teacher at Canterbury!

Delisle - Monique Tinsley
Monique Tinsley has been an extraordinary addition to our Information Technology Department. She has quickly learned the essential aspects of the department and district, and she provides excellent support to each member of our IT team. When staff members call, email, or submit a Help Desk ticket, Monique handles each technology concern with care and amazing efficiency!

Fairfax - Sonia Cencic
Sonia is the Gifted Intervention Specialist at Fairfax. Her lessons are invigorating and engaging. She takes basic concepts and brings them to life through the use of technology. Students are often seen using higher level thinking and reasoning. Sonia's lessons are often transdisciplinary in nature making the most out of her time with students. Her room is decorated by the kids for the kids, with artwork that is often connected to the math and science skills they have been studying in class. In addition Sonia is always eager to help her coworkers develop their use of technology into their own lessons as well as finding ways to provide engaging enrichment or intervention to students who just need something a little different. Sonia is always taking the perspective of the student in what she thinks might be an interesting way to incorporate skills that are often mundane. I think her extraordinary efforts often get overlooked.

Gearity - Aimee Banas
Aimee is a true team cheerleader! She is always boosting her team member's spirits by pointing out the good she sees in the hard work they do. I always feel supported and appreciated by Aimee as I'm sure her other co-workers do. Her words and encouragement have gotten me through rough days and stay with me as a reminder when I'm doubting myself. She probably doesn't even realize how much her words mean, because it is just naturally who she is. Aimee is a team player by always willing to lend a helping hand and being flexible when it is needed. Her hard work and diligence is so appreciated by staff and students!

Heights High - Shawn Harrold
We are pleased to have Shawn Harrold join our staff as a long term substitute in the World Language dept. From day one she has displayed that helping her students to master American Sign Language is her priority. She has worked with the ASL team to create engaging lessons and projects, she stays after school with students and in her Freshmen Seminar class she invited Marcus Barrett, a student at Heights from 1969-1973. He made history and accomplished a personal goal by being the first African American young man to join the Heights Swim Team. Groundbreaking for this time period. Shawn has been a gem and we are lucky to have her on our team.

Monticello - Kristin Campbell
Kristin is a hard-working team player who always puts children first. She is professional and passionate in her position as a school social worker, but she also fills other roles such as counselor, mentor, and advocate to name a few. She helps to bridge the gap between school and home which makes things better for everyone, especially the students.

Noble - Deborah Barrancotto
Debbie is an excellent teacher! She is always a model for her students and coworkers. I am always impressed by Debbie's willingness to challenge ideas to come up with the best solution for all our students at Noble! Her positive attitude is something that everyone can see and feel at school and it is so appreciated. 

Oxford - Thomas Coleman
Mr. Coleman is a valued member of the Oxford team. He goes above and beyond to support the students and staff. Mr. Coleman takes time to build trusting relationships with students, staff and families, which help him to quickly resolve problems that occur at school. No matter how big or small the task he quickly volunteers to help out in any situation. He is the face of Oxford where whether snow, rain, or shine he is out front greeting every student during arrival and seeing that they head home safely at the end of the school day. He truly cares for everyone at Oxford!

Rox El - Trey Hopkins
Trey Hopkins is an amazing special education aide. He has truly changed the lives of his students for the better. I am proud to call Trey my colleague!

Rox Mid - LaToya Washington
Latoya is a true team player. She reorganized our entire team of students into groups to use our intervention time for true intervention. The work was designed to support student achievement and success at each child's individual learning level. She spent a great deal of time getting everything together and provided each team teacher the assignment, answer keys and suggestions on how to complete the lessons. She is creative, intelligent, and great fun to work with.

December 2019
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Darlene Bolden
Darlene has been a constant breath of fresh air for the Board of Education for over 28 years. She is retiring at the end of this month and has supported the employees with dedication and a smile each and every day. She has trained every new cleaner at the Board and placed the same high expectations on them as she has on herself. She is very deserving of this recognition.

Boulevard - Lisa Husain
Lisa Husain is a gem in our district. She is one of the only people I know that works in every elementary building in our district. She teaches the PETS program to every K-2 student! Her communication skills with teachers is exceptional and her organization to keep up with a schedule like this that is amazing. If you ever sit and talk with Lisa about students, she knows them all. Do you know how many students that is!

Canterbury - Nadine Davis
Nadine Davis is an organized, reliable and dependable teammate. She is always willing to go above & beyond for not only her students but coworkers as well. Nadine gives 100% of herself to whatever task may be placed in front of her. Her caring, positive and upbeat nature makes her a truly valuable and irreplaceable member of the Canterbury team.

Delisle - Brad Hallam
Brad goes above and beyond each day to help ensure student success.

Fairfax - Chanel Owens
Unexpectedly, one of our kindergarten teachers faced serious medical issues in October. Ms. Owens is the paraprofessional in his classroom and since then has gone above and beyond her job description to keep the classroom running. She has dealt with discipline, instruction, parent communication and ensured the safety and well-being of the children during a difficult time. While the classroom has had substitutes, they have had to rely on her kindergarten expertise. Truly, she deserves a raise but she at the very least deserves our gratitude.

Gearity - Kelly Cooper
Kelly exhibits a commitment in supporting her students, families, and staff. She comes to meetings with tangible data ready to discuss circumstances prevalent to her students needs and is receptive to feedback. Kelly is resilient and focused on what is best for her students. It is a pleasure working with her to support her work with her students.

Heights High - Olivia Fatica
She has a way of bringing kindness, effort and support to her department. Olivia goes above and beyond to make sure your supported and cherished. She knows how to relate to her students and give them what they need to succeed. She is known for being a natural mentor to her students. Olivia cares for co-workers, administrators and students alike. She has a big caring heart. Her knowledge in Spanish goes beyond her years of teaching!

Monticello - Angela Kirkland
Mrs. Kirkland handles every situation with class and integrity. She treats her students and colleagues with the utmost respect. She is dedicated to the students of Monticello and genuinely cares about how they grow as people inside and outside of the school setting. She is extremely helpful in times of need and is always available to give sound advice. Mrs. Kirkland is the model educator and is the prime example of a Monticello teacher.

Noble - Jennifer Futchi
Jen has so much passion for her work, whether it’s teaching or leading. She begins every school day like it’s the first day of school...excited about exposing her students to new ideas and experiences. Jen is as patient as they come; she truly cares about the well being of her students and families, and works tirelessly until they get what they need. Jen is supportive of her colleagues and a model team leader; she will go to bat for anybody in our building. Noble is very fortunate to have such a dedicated teacher and friend.

Oxford - Toni Jeffery
Toni is one of the hardest working members on our Oxford staff. She always has a smile on her face. You frequently hear her asking, "Is there anything I can do for you?" or "Do you need help with anything?" She is always assisting others and does it with a grin! She is so dedicated to her staff and loves all of her teachers. Oxford is truly blessed to have someone that cares so much about the staff and the students. Her work ethic is immeasurable and she makes Oxford a better place to work.

Rox El - Sarah Coyne
Sarah has made such a positive impact on our building this year. She is so responsive and caring towards students and staff, and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our students have whatever they need to be successful.

Rox Mid - Marcia Dawson
Marcia makes it easy to work and collaborate with her. She's friendly, easy to talk to, and professional. She holds herself to a high standard and strives to provide speech and language services that offer her students and their teachers what they need to be successful. She's been a fantastic support and source of knowledge to the group of SLPs and other staff in the district, and we are so happy to have her!
November 2019
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Sharon Rohler
Sharon is extremely knowledgeable and is always happy to share information whenever needed. The State Report Card and Ed Choice are complicated subjects, but Sharon breaks it down in a way that I can understand and communicate. She is also very pleasant to work with and has a great sense of humor!

Boulevard - LaToya Britton
LaToya is a bus driver as well as a lunch aide. She is very patient with her students and they love her. She is always ready to assist when needed and goes the extra mile to make sure her peers are having a great day. She is truly the real essence of a Tiger Team Member.

Canterbury - Jason Franklin
Mr. Franklin is Canterbury School's new custodian this year and boy are we happy he is here. Jason not only takes care of the daily needs of maintaining the building and tending to the staffs' needs and requests, he has also completed so many school improvement projects that we receive many compliments from visitors and parents on how beautiful and clean our building is. Jason is very polite and friendly even when the worst of jobs come up. Jason completes every task and/or project with a professional attitude and perfection. We are also grateful for the custodial team and cleaning staff. They all work together like a well-oiled machine!

Delisle - Valerie Sanders
Ms. Sanders is truly the glue that holds our office together at Options. She is constantly working to make sure staff, students and parents have everything they need. Ms. Sanders’ sparkling smile and personality light up a room. We are lucky to have her!

Fairfax - Kristi Glasier
She is a real team player with no questions asked. Always willing to help in any way she can. A true and dedicated teacher.

Gearity - Jeanine Miller
Mrs. Miller has been a long time Gearity parent as well as staff member. She is full of life, laughter and fun. She gives 100% plus to all Gearity students and staff. Her concern and care for all students demonstrate she is a real "Tiger Nation" member. On a daily basis, Mrs. Miller never fails to show students her concern for their total well-being, if students have eaten breakfast or lunch, or students need grooming, and has personally purchased needed items for students. She even lends a helping hand to Gearity activities such as Homecoming and the monthly Gearity School Market. She makes herself available to assist in any way needed for students and staff. She is a great asset to the district and Gearity staff and I feel she is deserving of being recognized as a Tiger Team Member.

Heights High - Jacqueline Blockson
Jackie is always going above and beyond for our students. Not only does she spend hours finding the right scholarships for the right students, she then hunts them down with applications. Jackie is a true tiger of the month!

Monticello - Sarah Cusick
Ms. Cusick has worked endless hours to ensure that the start of this school year is the very best and most rewarding for her students. She has intentionally planned Science lessons for her 7th graders that are engaging and exciting. Within two weeks of school the 7th graders at Monticello had already completed two "lab days," one being an Escape Room. This type of planning to create a lesson that builds a sense of community and also challenges students to work together for a common purpose took much of her personal time. She was the key to why students were hooked into some very challenging problem solving--and why they were so excited when those problems were solved. Ms. Cusick's work ethic is admirable and her ability to build relationships with students so quickly into a school year is an example for us all.

Noble - Romina Berardinelli
Señora Romina has become an integral part of our Noble community. She is quick to jump in and assist with anything, and is always looking for ways to use her talents to make our school a better place. Noble is decked out in signs - many student-created - that show locations and features in Spanish. Finally, our students love going to Spanish class, because it is taught in a way that is exciting, engaging, and empowering. Señora Romina is the best!

Oxford - Edie Fiala
Mrs. Fiala has a heart of gold. She always goes the extra mile to help everyone. She is the true definition of an angel. She gives her all everyday and is committed to the students at Oxford Elementary. We couldn't ask for a better social worker. Shout out to Mrs. Fiala.

Rox El - Charles Coffey
Mr. Coffey uses fun, interactive strategies to support his fifth graders as they become principled, role models at Rox El. Students take ownership of their behaviors and learning in his classroom. Mr. Coffey also shares instructional strategies with his colleagues during TBT. He is reflective and open-minded as he finds ways to support students' learning. We are lucky to have Mr. Coffey on our Rox El Team!!!

Rox Mid - Sarah Davis
Sarah is an asset to Roxboro Middle School. Her warm smile greets the parents/visitors to the school. She is always willing to help the Principals and other office staff at all time, going above and beyond the call of duty. She is dedicated, a hard worker and one of the rocks that makes Roxboro Rock!
October 2019
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Sherman (Ricky) Newman
Ricky is one of the most helpful and good-natured people I've ever worked with. No matter how busy he is, he's always willing to take on whatever I ask him to do. Plus he's always got a smile and a friendly "hello" for everyone!

Boulevard - Miranda Faust
This is Miranda's second year at CH-UH. She brings a since of equality to her class and those around her. She gets to know her students at a personal level. She builds a feeling of community with each of her students' families; she knows that it is a team effort to help her students grow both as students and as people. She is always trying new things and pulling others in to help her grow at her craft of teaching.

Canterbury - Emily Dralle
Being a new classroom teacher can be quite challenging, yet Emily has embraced this new position with excitement and eagerness. Emily is a team player in 4th grade and has even taken on the Tech Leader role for Canterbury. She reaches out for help when needed and is open to others' ideas for lessons and management. She is doing a great job!

Delisle - Chris Cook
Mr. Cook stepped up and took the lead at Delisle while Dr. Williams was serving as interim superintendent, and he did a fantastic job. We are lucky to have him as a colleague, mentor and friend.

Fairfax - Dana Bogus
Ms. Bogus designs lessons that support student learning by including before reading, during reading and after reading strategies and a mixture of grouping configurations based on the purpose of the lesson. Her students become confident readers year after year. She is willing to support others in their desire to increase student achievement. For example, she shared with other teachers ways to consider including small groups into the daily routine. When there is a new way to examine teaching and learning, Ms. Bogus welcomes the opportunity to explore how to adapt her work and change the work to most benefit students. Ms. Bogus is a reflective teacher who always has her students at the heart of her decision-making process.

Gearity - Rebecca Baum
Ms. Baum should be recognized as Tiger Team Member of the Month for so many reasons! She is a speech therapist and was new to Gearity last year but came with years of experience from other districts. She quickly made herself an invaluable part of the Gearity Team. She saw a need for an update in the Response to Intervention (RTI) program at Gearity and even though she was new, she initiated collaboration with the administration at Gearity to recreate the RTI program. She volunteered her time over the summer to create an RTI model and came in this school year with an RTI plan. This year, Ms. Baum has spent so much extra time implementing that plan with the RTI team at Gearity. As a speech therapist, before school even started, she created materials and visual supports for students with high needs who were transitioning to Kindergarten, so the minute those students walked in the door the first day they had supports to help them have a successful first day. Ms. Baum spends a lot of her personal time helping colleagues problem solve, track data, and come up with positive incentive plans for students with behavior challenges. Ms. Baum has come to Gearity with fresh eyes and positive attitude, always willing to help and collaborate in all school environments. In her two years at Gearity, Ms. Baum has been able to see areas of need at Gearity and is actively doing everything in her power to be a problem solver. We are so lucky to have her at Gearity!

Heights High - Karen DiLillo
Karen, a dedicated instructor in her 38th year of teaching, establishes a strong rapport with her students. She continually has a positive influence on her students both past and present, including myself. She is also a great support to her peers, teaching technology such as Google Classroom and Illuminate Ed throughout her department.

Monticello - Martha Bayliss
When I think of the Energizer Bunny, I'm reminded that he keeps going, and going, and going. He has passion and determination. This is what Martha Bayliss has exuded from her very first day. From day one she has jumped right into her role, made connections with her students, collaborated with me, and expressed an eagerness to allow all of her students to explore the world of visual art and all of its possibilities. She has had some challenges as all teachers do, but she has rolled with the punches, not given up and kept it moving. She is able to toss up ideas, have alternative plans, ask for help, offer help, and is eager to do the best that she can in order for our students to learn. She has stayed after school several days past the designated teacher dismissal time in order to make sure things are in place for the next day. Her passion is obvious and I am so glad to have her aboard.

Noble - Mary Windham
They say that special teachers can and do make a difference every day in the lives in children and this especially holds true for Mary Windham. Mary Windham treats each one of her students with great dignity and respect. Her positive attitude coupled with her ability to connect with the students on their own level make Mary an inspiration in the classroom. She has helped create a positive environment that is very child-oriented and focuses on building positive self-esteem through high standards. Mary takes a personal interest in each of her unique students and supports their success and builds their confidence. Mary is our Noble Pride!

Oxford - Marie Jefferson
Ms. Jefferson is a lunch aide who is patient, caring, and has a positive word each day for staff and students at Oxford. She is bright and cheerful and takes the time to get to know the students. I have never heard Ms. Jefferson raise her voice, but yet she has strategies to keep students at the proper noise level and following directions. I, like many of the students, enjoy being around her because of her calm and soothing affect. I hope to become more like Ms. Jefferson in the years to come.

Rox El - Kristen Figas
Kristen is uber-organized and always on top of her responsibilities. She communicates effectively with the Student Assistance Team to assure the required services and evaluations are being addressed. She is a pleasure to work with and always willing to lend a hand.

Rox Mid - Tiffany Jordan-Shaw
Tiffany Jordan-Shaw is one of the hardest working educators I know. As a BLT member and 8th grade team leader she demonstrates excellent leadership skills. She leads her team in way where all voices are valued. She stays calm and collective when faced with adversity. As a teacher she creates engaging lessons that allow students to learn math concepts in a variety of ways. She is always reflecting on her craft and how she can refine her lessons. She does whatever she can to make sure her students have the opportunity to master the content. If you happen to walk by Tiff in the hallway you are always greeted with a warm smile. She is such a calming and caring presence in the building and is deserving to be a Tiger Team Member of the Month.
September 2019
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Keisha Cox
Keisha works extremely hard in Accounts Payable. She has resolved billing issues and saved the District money because of her attention to detail. Along with her strong work ethic, she is a positive force in the department. She is a team player, always pleasant, and has great customer service. She comes in early and will stay late to complete an assignment. One of our team members said "Keisha is the reason I come to work every day!" Now that's the kind of "above and beyond" employee deserving recognition!

Boulevard - William Porter
Although this is Mr. Porter's first year in our building, he has made quite the impact. He is everywhere in the building - washing windows, sweeping the carpet, weed wacking the yard, greeting the students and parents, carrying boxes for the staff as well as hanging fish in the hallway for the art teacher. He is always helping to make sure that our building is running smoothly and looking amazing. Mr. Porter displays qualities of being a true tiger team member.

Canterbury - Emily Hesse
Emily works endlessly to meet the needs of her students. She seeks support and resources so that she can maximize their success, even when it means that she will take more on in order to do so. Emily is an excellent teacher who continues to be flexible and dedicated to all of her students at Canterbury Elementary.

Delisle - Nikia Cleveland
Ms. Cleveland does an awesome job as Rox Mid's Information Technology specialist. She is always friendly, smiling, and willing to go the extra mile for our students and staff. She deserves more recognition for all she does!

Fairfax - Cindy Rocco
Nurse Cindy is patient, funny, helpful, and an all around team player. She will jump in to do whatever it takes to get the job done. At the the front desk you can catch her at any moment answering phones, giving meds, greeting parents, or calming students. She is a standout and such an asset to this district!

Gearity - Lisa Evans
Ms. Evans works diligently to support the development of her kindergarten students. She has established strong routines, high standards for academic performance, and actively participates in evening parent events.

Heights High - Karen Kastor
When you need something done and done right, Kastor is the first person you should always ask. She is well researched and cares about student success. Kastor also understands that there is more to teaching than content and believes in building relationships. She has been at Heights FOREVER; because of this, Kastor cares about growing and bettering our staff as well as students. Without her I know I would not be the teacher I am today.

Monticello - Jeff Johnston
Dr. J was kind of thrown into the opening of Monticello. He did such a great job helping anyone who needed help. He was carrying boxes and books, putting out fires and giving 1000% to his staff each day to help with the transition. He is still doing this and also guiding the building to its best year yet.

Noble - Becca Larson
I highly believe Ms. Larson should be recognized as a Tiger Team Member of the Month because working with her since late February has been such a breath of fresh air! Accommodating her in the kindergarten classroom has shown me how a person that goes the extra mile is really appreciated. Seeing how she interacts with the kids on the daily basis as well as making me feel apart of every aspect of the classroom is truly a joy. She is really a devoted, hardworking educator and makes this district shine very bright! 

Oxford - DeOnna Whitfield
Ms. Whitfield has built an outstanding rapport with even our most challenging students. She puts her heart and soul into her work and is a true team player. She pushes her students to do their best even when they think they can’t do it. She sees the good in each child in our building. She has been a true blessing to our Oxford community.

Rox El - Maryam Sy
Maryam is such a positive presence in our building. She's always willing to help, she has endless patience, and she always makes an effort to make anyone feel welcome who enters the office here.

Rox Mid - Christine Smrdel
Smrdel has been such an amazing team player. She has helped my transition back into the classroom to be very smooth. From printing off papers to making sure we stay on top of everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better teammate. I am very grateful to be working with her. She is such a big help!
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