Tiger Team Members of the Month


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Tiger Team Members of the Month


May 2022
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Erick Brazile
Erick has been an integral member of the Grounds crew for years. He has pride in the work that he performs for the school district. Erick recently volunteered to fill in as the Lead Grounds, ensuring our facilities' exteriors look great each and every day. He scheduled the crews to perform daily tasks and follows up on their performance.

Boulevard - DeOnna Whitfield
DeOnna is a paraprofessional at Boulevard. Deonna goes over and beyond for our kids in our multiple disabilities/AU self contained room. Our class has gone without a consistent long term sub since December and she has brought in and prepared engaging activities and resources to suit the many needs of our students. For Mother’s Day, she had the idea to give the moms of the kids quality portraits of their children with them dressed up and styled by her. To be able to give the moms beautiful quality portraits of their children was something special. She advocates for our kids, she loves them so much and she works HARD in serving our kids.

Canterbury - Natalie Mortimer
Natalie is always asking how she can assist, and she gives 100%. She communicates to teachers consistently about their students and the progress they've made on interventions.

Delisle - Ed Stair
Ed goes above and beyond what any employer could expect an employee to do. He's helpful, considerate and always willing to go an extra step in making sure that his responsibilities are completed to the very highest standard. Ed has shown superior responsibility in taking care of the inside and outside of the Delisle Options Center. Our department has always been sprayed and wiped down very carefully, especially during peak periods of COVID. Ed's easygoing manner makes him a very pleasant co-worker, too. Ed, I appreciate you!

Fairfax - Maggie Brooks
Maggie always goes above and beyond at our school. She took on a role of a Title I support teacher partway into the school year and immediately fit right in! She takes on extra jobs and helps out her coworkers in any way she can. She always has a positive attitude and is great at remaining calm in times of stress. She goes out of her way to check on her students even when it's not her time with them, and overall, has a great relationship with students at the school. 

Gearity - Brooke Cicerchi
Ms. Cicerchi joined the preschool team last school year and has been an asset to the program. The students she works with have intensive developmental needs, and she excels at providing supports for them. She communicates well with her parents and collaborates with them to develop comprehensive supports for learning at school and at home. Ms. Cicerchi collects data to inform her planning and uses the information to complete assessments. She has developed a collaborative culture with her aide team to ensure everyone is supporting each student's growth.

Heights High - Keith Newman
Keith is not only a technical expert and stage team leader, he is also extremely helpful, flexible and creative. We can always count on Keith to be sure any event in the auditorium looks and sounds amazing. 

Monticello - Jeannise Andres
Jeannise is an individual who goes above and beyond her call of duty. Name a school committee and she's on it. Need a volunteer, coverage, classroom support... she's on it. She is essential in our school's function and she does not get enough credit where credit is deserved!

Noble - Hassan Harris
Hassan has been an asset to Noble since he began working here last year. Recently, he has stepped up and been doing tremendous work to keep Noble shining, single handedly. He always has a smile and a kind hello to anyone he sees and he works amazingly hard!  We are so lucky to have Hassan at Noble!

Oxford - Carla Campbell
Carla has a wonderful personality, she is always willing to help, and is a true team player. She is just an overall great employee and human being, and an asset to Oxford.

Rox El - Liz McKinley
Liz is already making plans for next school year! She is looking ahead to student needs and seeking out resources. Liz and her teammate Kim Bischof plan for fun activities that match the curriculum for their students!

Rox Mid - Meghan Kennedy
Meghan is always willing to help out whenever and wherever she can! She volunteered to chaperone Oxford HUBs field trips, which can be quite a task with 32 young students. She has shown support at our events and for our students, and she doesn't even work at Oxford! If you are lucky enough to know Meghan, you know exactly what I am saying. She is the Tiger Team member we all want and need! 
April 2022
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - TeKara Ray-Carnegie
TeKara has gone above and beyond to support our students and teachers this school year. She filled an elementary STEM special vacancy for a full quarter while also continuing her support for K-12 social studies instruction. TeKara always jumps in to assist without hesitation and has organized several learning opportunities this school year through the EVERFI platform and through potential partnerships for after-school tutoring. TeKara truly deserves to be honored as the BOE's Tiger Team Member of the Month.

Boulevard - Sarah Robinson
Sarah is a fantastic teacher and a team player. She is creative and fun and is loved by her Kindergartners! She puts forth 100% effort into all that she does. She truly enjoys what she does!

Canterbury - Brenda Gadowski
Brenda does so much more than her job description. She picks up subs who need a ride and drives them to the building. She decorates the school for special events and holidays, making our spaces cheerful. She keeps our school running and we are so lucky to have her!

Delisle - Jeffrey Porter
Jeffrey is such a great asset to CH-UH. He is always stressing Safety First in the Auto Lab. The students from Heights High, Bedford and Shaker always come in the classroom each day wanting to learn from the Automotive GOAT (as we call Mr. Porter).

Fairfax - Kevin Davis
Mr. Davis is always available to assist students. He is always present and works so well with students and staff.

Gearity - Tarhonda Ward
Ms. Ward joined the Gearity staff this year as our building substitute teacher. She has been flexible filling in across all grade levels and performed long term support as needed. Her background as a social worker has been an asset as she has taken to mentoring several students so they can be academically successful. Ms. Ward, when available, has also supported our intervention program providing small group supports. She is such an asset for our staff.

Heights High - Kurt Cummings
Kurt goes above and beyond! I thought I lost 16 boxes of composition notebooks. Kurt stopped what he was doing and went searching all around the building trying to track them down. He would not stop until it was found. This is just one example of how Kurt supports all of us at Heights High and our students on a daily basis.

Monticello - Sarah Cusick
Ms. Cusick should be recognized every month. Her commitment to student success is unwavering. Her "go above and beyond" attitude has made a difference in several students' academic success this school year. She is an amazing team member also. 

Noble - Matt Hands
Matt has made a fantastic addition to Noble this school year! He has developed amazing relationships with his scholars and has developed a class community where everyone truly belongs. He has engaged his students in projects throughout the year that stretch their learning and empower them to create and present. Mr. Hands has become a valued member of the Noble community and we're glad he is here!

Oxford - Bridgette Bondarenko
Mrs. Bondarenko is an amazing resource to all of our students and staff. She is focused on helping students grow and supporting teachers. She is an invaluable resource to our Oxford community.

Rox El - Charles Smith
Charles has been a real trooper for Ms. Shramo and myself over the past few weeks. Our class was moved to another location due to an unforeseen occurrence and he has been more than ready in assisting us with whatever we needed. He is a very busy person, yet he always lets us know he is there for whatever our needs are. 

Rox Mid Felicia Buday
Felicia is an excellent teacher. Her specialty is working with students on the autistic spectrum. She works with them individually as well as in her study skills labs. She is extraordinarily supportive of her students, helping them with their academics as well as social skills. She communicates regularly with parents and reports out to staff to keep them informed of concerns, progress, and successes. She is approachable and supportive, technologically savvy and has a great deal of experience in special ed. She is a pleasure to work with.  
March 2022
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Anjali Rosedale
Anjali has demonstrated her dedication to this school district as the Food Service Site Manager for AVI, going above and beyond each and every day. She ensures that our students eat healthy, nutritious meals and that our district gets the proper reimbursements due to us by the state. Just this week alone she has spent 12- to 14-hour days making sure we are prepared for the 1st of 3 audits that we will be having here by the State of Ohio. AVI's success in providing improved student meals and offering classroom demonstrations with chefs and nutritionists has been largely due to her innovative input.

Boulevard - Dr. Mike Jenkins
Dr. Jenkins has been our fearless leader for over 5 years now. He has a positive attitude but even when it's a bad day, he takes a deep breath and marches on. He is happiest when he is spending time with the kids and always encourages them to do their best. Working closely with him at times can be intense but he makes sure that he acknowledges everyone's hard work. Whether it's spraying his hair green, getting a pie in the face or throwing the football around at recess - he jumps in with both feet. He is very patient with adults and children and truly loves his building.

Canterbury - Nadine Davis
Nadine does so much for Canterbury! Besides being a grade-level lead, she is our Tech Coach and Union Rep. Nadine does a great job communicating with the entire staff on all things Canterbury. She uses humor to keep things light and is so efficient and responsive to students, families, and staff.

Delisle - Chris Cook
Mr. Cook goes above and beyond his job description daily.

Fairfax - Kristen Kephart 
Kristen is helpful, dependable, knowledgeable, and always willing to help and jump in where needed.

Gearity - Karlene Sa'ad
Mrs. Sa'ad joined the Gearity staff this year and has made an immediate impact on our school community. She has worked tirelessly with our teachers to develop relationships so they can collaborate on how to improve instructional practices so our students can master grade level content. Mrs. Sa'ad also has worked to develop relationships with our students as a caring mentor. She has supported our BLT in implementing our improvement plan and coordinated our Springboard program to assist students in recovering from pandemic induced skill gaps. Mrs. Sa'ad is such an amazing asset for our school.

Heights High - Shannon Kee
Shannon follows through with tasks he's been assigned, and does it professionally and with a smile. He has a "let's get it done" "no excuses" mindset. He also has a very joyful attitude which is infectious!

Monticello - Desi Stewart
Desi is truly the man with many hats. And he wears each one with poise and confidence, even on the most stressful days. He is not just Dean at Monti but he's also teacher, lunch aide, counselor, surrogate parent, nurse, mediator, and friend. Desi puts in countless hours during the day and then continues to show up for evening and weekend events as well. He is a true example of what it means to be a team player and leader.  

Noble - Julia Ruddy
Ruddy has stepped up to help cover a 5th grade classroom while another teacher is on leave. She has tackled supporting students in the best way possible. 

Oxford - Jackie Taylor
Principal Taylor has rolled up her sleeves and become an all around team player at Oxford. Mrs. Taylor can be seen cleaning tables and handing out lunches in the lunch room, subbing in classrooms, answering phones in the main office, and assisting with traffic during dismissal. Mrs. Taylor has brightened up the halls of Oxford with her contagious smile and wit; she's truly a pleasure to work with!

Rox El - Kathy Doyle
This teacher gave up her classroom for me when I was displaced. She said I could use anything and rearrange the classroom in any way. She was willing to help me in this difficult situation.

Rox Mid - Taylor Myers
Ms. Myers joined the RMS family in January as our school’s administrative assistant, and she had been a constant positive influence at our school. Taylor is organized, helpful, and always greets our visitors with a smile and a pleasant attitude. She goes out of her way for our staff, students, and families and essentially makes all of our jobs easier.  
February 2022
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Steve Egner
Steve has such a positive work ethic. He is always willing to help out anyone at any time and give advice or recommendations for your mechanical needs. He's like a father figure, always asking me if I changed my oil or tires. He is just great to be around. He has a good soul and represents the District's warmth and positivity. He is a good ambassador for Tiger Nation. 

Boulevard - Sandy Curtis
Sandy goes above and beyond every single day. She cares so much about the kids, and makes sure to never let any child fall through the cracks. She often takes time to tutor kids or help out in classrooms during her own lunch period. She spends her planning period helping other teachers and making sure that struggling students get the extra help that they need. She comes to school with a positive attitude every day and always puts forth 100% effort into her job.

Canterbury - Marian Napier
Marian conducted our school's Black History month announcements and music all of this month. Also, she is doing an after school cooking class for students. She is a shining star at Canterbury! 

Delisle - Dave Nobles
Dave provides the students of the Options program with tremendous support and encouragement both inside and outside his classroom. It is not unusual to see him counseling a student after class time, offering hope and encouragement to help them past whatever struggle they may be facing. He embodies what it means to be a teacher, in every facet of the word.

Fairfax - Deborah Howse
Mrs. Howse is the paraprofessional in my classroom working with ED students in grades 3-5. Our population can be challenging and it takes a person with the right temperament; Mrs. Howse has that. She is respected and adored by both our students and all the staff at Fairfax. Over the past six years whether we were online or in person, I could not have done it without her. Now if I could just convince her to stay for 10 more years until I retire, that would be perfect.

Gearity - Michelle Manolio
Mrs. Manolio best exemplifies high quality teaching. She goes above and beyond to prepare lessons that will support her students in showing proficiency with grade level standards. She provides targeted education to students and collaborates with our Title Lead to develop fine grained plans. Mrs. Manolio collaborates with her vertical TBT to standardize instructional supports across grade levels. She has committed to providing after school reading intervention to ensure her students meet grade level expectations and assists parents with understanding how to work with their student at home.

Heights High - Lorna Rudolph
Lorna makes her science units come alive by helping her students relate their subject matter to their world! She has outstanding enthusiasm and focus in her instructional strategies and methods, which will no doubt contribute to her students' success. Our Heights High staff has been blessed to have Lorna working collaboratively and professionally with us over the years. She has transformed her classroom and our building into an atmosphere of academic excellence. You're awesome, Lorna! 

Monticello - Courtnei Blockson
Ms. Blockson is always working above and beyond to meet the needs of our students and staff. She is especially great at ensuring that our work environment is safe, inviting, and fun! Being her colleague means knowing that you are supported and appreciated. Ms. Blockson always focuses her energy on collective efficacy, working with fidelity to ensure that all Monticello staff and students enjoy each day and “RISE” as a team. It's great working with her and knowing that she will put her all into supporting our staff and students, every day.

Noble - Vritika Krishnan
Vritika is a truly treasured member of the Noble family! She has been an asset to supporting the runnings of the main office as well as supporting teachers and staff. You can often see Mrs. Krishnan juggling multiple tasks and trying to do them all well to support Noble Elementary. We are lucky to you!

Oxford - Kim Woods
Miss Woods works hard to make Oxford a great place for students. She leads our young men of Oxford, 5th grade girls' group, praise dance/Black History Month celebration, and student council. She meets weekly with all classes for second step lessons. She supports students who are struggling academically and socially. Miss Woods works to be a positive force in the building. She is such a big part of the Oxford community. Oxford is lucky to have her.  

Rox El - John Parrino
Jack is so patient with his students and is an expert at relationship building. Jack continued to provide excellent instruction to his students even when he had to relocate due to a pipe that burst in his classroom. He is a caring adult who should be recognized for his hard work and effort. His calm, compassionate demeanor is appreciated by all of his colleagues.

Rox Mid - Jennifer Hollender
Jen has been a leader in the 6th grade math department since I started. She is always coming up with new ways to engage students and connect our math lessons to real world experiences. I was out on maternity leave for the first half of the year and she had to help not just one sub, but three, get acclimated to 6th grade math. This also meant she was revamping lessons herself and still going above and beyond to incorporate new AVID strategies. She then got me caught up on all of the new AVID strategies we were using. She has a passion for teaching math and it shows! She is always willing to go above and beyond to help her students and colleagues.  
January 2022
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Nancy Peppler
Nancy set up and coordinated the rapid test distribution during the break in the midst of her holiday. Her commitment to our district is truly an inspiration and a great representation of Tiger Nation.

Boulevard - Lashownda Horton
For the past year, she has been wearing many hats in serving the students at Boulevard. She’s been a lunch/1:1/classroom aide. She has always been willing to help, passionate about working and learning techniques in working with students with special needs, she goes over and beyond for Boulevard and she does it with the most positive attitude. She’s a wonderful asset to Boulevard and Tiger Nation as a whole. She gets the job done.

Canterbury - Stephanie Kelley
Stephanie Kelley is a dedicated, compassionate educator who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her special needs students. She has effortlessly kept the autism unit afloat during the lead teacher's absence. She is supportive of her classroom team as well as her building co-workers. Her positive attitude and smile is infectious. We are very fortunate to have her on our team.

Delisle - Nathaniel Lightfoot
Mr. Lightfoot is a solid anchor of stability for the Delisle Center staff. His dedication to our program, students, staff, and families is extremely palpable. Mr. Lightfoot is multiskilled and aims to ensure that every student embraces the uniqueness of being themselves, honors themselves, and respects themselves. He is a selfless individual that places a premium on elevating and encouraging others to maximize their full potential. Mr. Lightfoot, without question, adds tremendous value to our space - he is greatly appreciated!

Fairfax - Melissa Wymer
Melissa is so kind, friendly and welcoming at Fairfax. She balances multiple tasks while ensuring students, families and staff who approach her are helped. 

Gearity - Tanya Niraj
Mrs. Niraj is the consummate professional. She greets each family as they call the school or enter the office. Mrs. Niraj is prompt in providing service and will research how to meet a family's need if she doesn't know the answer.  

Heights High - Coleman Tokar
He brings it every day! And his students feed off his energy.

Monticello - Patti Smith
Mrs. Smith goes above and beyond every single day for her students! It has been a pleasure working with her and she has made me feel so welcome as a new staff member in the district.  

Noble - Jazmine Monroe
Jazmine supports the Noble staff immensely in all of their tech needs. She makes herself available to assist staff and students often. Her tech newsletters are packed full of timely and detailed notes to support teachers at all levels of tech-savviness. In addition, she is a valuable teammate who demonstrates both patience and understanding. When you walk into her classroom, you can immediately tell she has intentionally built a safe space for all students. 

Oxford - Kim Anderson
Miss Kim is a total team player. She supports students and staff to help Oxford run smoothly. Miss Kim is outside to greet our students each morning and say goodbye to them at the end of the day. She strives to make connections with students. She is often one of the people in the building students choose to spend time with. She is such an important member of the Oxford family.

Rox El - Patricia Earley
Mrs. Earley is a valuable member of our staff. Not only is she our lunch supervisor, she also works with some of our struggling students using strategies to support them to be successful. Students see her as another caring adult who helps them learn. Mrs. Earley takes pride in the students' accomplishments and praises them daily for their hard work. She is an integral member of our staff and we appreciate all of her passion for our students!

Rox Mid - Savannah Smith
Ms. Smith is a great teacher and a fantastic addition to the Roxboro team. She makes great connections with students while supporting their educational needs. 
December 2021
The CH-UH Nursing Team
From contact tracing to test distribution, in addition to their many everyday duties, our school nursing team went above and beyond to help keep our community safe and healthy.

Veronica Adams
Christine Bell
Marianne Cook
Denise Davis
Laura Delambo
Marilyn Doss
Jacqueline Harris
Lisa Johnson
Lia Long
Lena Mccoy
Zhalecia Motley
Bertha Pickett
Margie Rossander
Linda Rudy
Betsy Salem
Debra Scotese
Andrea Smith
Susan Tate
Roseann Varcelli
Taylor Ware

November 2021
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Joan Webster
No matter what is asked of her, Joan always gets the project completed. Without complaint.

Boulevard - Rachel Gray
Rachel Gray is our new library ancillary. She is AMAZING. She is transforming our library, helping the students find their love of reading and books, and does not hesitate to jump into any task asked of her! Great new addition to Boulevard!

Canterbury - Carly Schlessinger
Carly goes above and beyond in everything she does. She stops by daily to check on our students, and us! She goes out of her way to support the students and is always coming up with new ideas and strategies. The students love her and look forward to working with her. She visits during recess, just to play with the kids and see how their day is going. She is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. Carly is an extremely valuable part of our team and we're so lucky to have her!

Delisle - Jeanne Gassman 
Jeanne Gassman consistently goes above and beyond to provide IT support in the elementary schools month after month after month. Her attention to detail and conscientiousness are strong traits that make her a very valued and respected member of the IT Team!

Fairfax - Jennifer Nelson
Mrs. Nelson is is amazing teacher and mentor. She goes beyond her job description and I have learned so much in such a short time from her that I plan on continuing my education to become a teacher. 

Gearity - Michael Lauer
Mike is always positive and greets people with genuine interest and concern. No matter how busy he is, he always tries to assist others in any building needs they may have. He is very creative in finding solutions and has made Gearity a happier and more functional environment on a daily basis.  

Heights High - Cassandra Budin
Cassie designed an exemplar lesson that was observed during the recent high school building walkthrough. The intentional ways that instruction was designed to have all students participate, get all students writing and still foster collaboration, critical math content and fun all at the same time was inspiring to observe.

Monticello - Mustafa Itayem
Mr. Itayem goes over and beyond his job requirements. He provides after school homework club daily for all students. Mr. Itayem also has a homework lunch club daily in his classroom. 

Noble - Lisa Husain
Lisa works hard at Noble. She volunteers her extra time to support classroom teachers with responsibilities that are outside of her own. She is always kind, always gracious, always a team player and does whatever it takes to make sure that the success of her peers is achievable. Her contribution to the education of the Noble students as a gifted educator is in the hearts of the current students she works with and those who have had the honor to work with her in previous years. Lisa exudes Noble Pride.

Oxford - Rebecca McCalligan
Ms. McCalligan goes above and beyond for our students at Oxford. She is willing to help in any way. She is very supportive to her own homeroom and makes a great deal of difference in her students' lives. She helps to make Oxford a better place. You can find her teaching in the morning and helping to clean the building at night. She is amazing!

Rox El - Karen Willmitch
Mrs. Willmitch is a consummate professional. Her work as an Intervention Specialist is, as it should be, a true partnership with the grade level teachers, her students, and families. Working with Mrs. Willmitch is working in concert with someone who cares deeply about children, and who recognizes that all children, no matter their exceptionality, must have a fighting chance in the school community and beyond. She is giving, she is kind, she is smart, and she goes above and beyond for the children of Roxboro Elementary School and their families.

Rox Mid - Dionne Harris
Ms. Harris goes above and beyond her role as a one-on-one paraprofessional to support many students at Rox Middle. Her calm demeanor helps students who are in conflict. She is professional and supportive in the classroom.
October 2021
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Becky Townsend
Becky is always helpful, professional, and just so nice to be around. She is extremely knowledgeable about her job and has great attention to detail. Becky cares very much about Tiger Nation and wants to see CH-UH succeed.

Boulevard - Ronna Schuler
Ronna works with our kids who are the most vulnerable with several disabilities and need a lot of extra support in their academics, behavior, and everyday functioning. This is quite a physical job every day every hour, every minute. She works tirelessly to advocate for and support her students. Her families love her and respect her as she has developed strong relationships with them as well. She hands down deserves this award and a standing ovation!

Canterbury - Melissa Garcar
Melissa helps wherever needed - she subs in classrooms, fills in as a lunch aide and does it all with positivity and grace. That is in addition to her role in supports teachers with their IB work and instruction. 

Delisle - Sheree Barnes
Ms. Barnes, the parapro for the Auto Tech CTE program, is a dedicated and passionate member of Tiger Nation. She is a detail-oriented, committed team-player. Ms. Barnes has a true heart for kids. She wants them all to succeed and excel and she will provide support when they need it. The CTE program, the Delisle Center, and the CH-UH district benefit from Ms. Barnes' willing spirit everyday.

Fairfax - George Gee
George is amazing with the students who are in crisis mode. He is so effective in calming them down and refocusing them on the task at hand. What's even more amazing is that he will step in and help his colleagues with challenging students.

Gearity - Emily Dralle
Ms. Dralle is in her second year of teaching at Gearity and has worked hard to gain a deep understanding of our school's instructional approach as she implements Reciprocal Teaching into her lesson design. Ms. Dralle has incorporated our PBIS framework into her classroom management system. She is representing Gearity on the District's new Safe School Advisory Committee.

Heights High - LaJuana Smith
At the helm of scheduling coverage for classes and is always available to help or help people connect in the building. Always friendly and calm regardless of what may be happening in the moment. 

Monticello - Robert Gambatese
Mr. Gambatese is an awesome Individuals and Societies 6th grade teacher. He creates positive relationships with his students. He goes out of his way to connect with their current interests. He keeps a positive attitude and is always willing to help his team out.  

Noble - Tamiko Patton
Tamiko Patton is constantly doing a great job with the young scholars, and she helps in classrooms when there is a shortage of substitutes. Tamiko Patton is a great staff member who wants nothing but the best for Tiger Nation and its students.

Oxford - Millicent Litten
With over 15 years of dedication to Oxford and her Kindergarten students, Miss Litten exemplifies what it means to be a Tiger! As one of the first faces students meet at Oxford, Ms. Litten is an example of excellence and flexibility. Her organizational skills and mastery of curriculum make her a true professional. She is always part of something extra whether it is the BLT or TAP, literacy nights, or a kick-off you can count on Millie to be there with a smile. She has impeccable knowledge of her students and is always advocating for each and every one of them so that they are set on the road to success. Miss Litten helps us all Rise up!

Rox El - Caroline Lorimer
You can always find Caroline brightening up our school in creative ways, such as decorating the hallways with student artwork.

Rox Mid - Deborah McCollum
Deb keeps our building running! Thank you for all of your hard work!
September 2021
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Kelvin Robinson
Kelvin has supported the District's Operations for the start of school by managing teacher moves, COVID supplies pickup and delivery to our schools. Kelvin has also successfully managed the daily responsibilities of Grounds maintenance, which includes athletic fields, parking lots, grass and all outside school property. Kelvin always politely & professionally responds to every request and makes it happen; he is one employee who gets things done!

Boulevard - Caryl Yoo
Caryl Yoo is starting her second year at Boulevard Elementary school. She came to a new building, learned the building including students, staff and families, and each and every day she jumps in. Caryl is always rolling up her sleeves to join the team to do whatever is necessary to help the students succeed. In addition, she is one funny staff member, always trying to find the best of each situation. An eternal optimist!

Canterbury - Katie Maric
Katie has transitioned into her new role as K-2 Gifted Intervention Specialist for the PETS program with excitement and a passion to excel. Her willingness to tackle 5 buildings, effectively communicate with teachers and principals, as well as making thoughtful family connections is inspiring. Katie's creative perspective, flexibility, and attention to detail is an asset to all she works with. I am honored to work alongside her. For all these reasons and more, Katie should be recognized as Tiger Team Member of the Month.

Delisle - Johnathan Haslett
As our IT intern, Johnathan works hard to clean, troubleshoot, and repair hundreds of our students' Chromebooks.

Fairfax - Sonya Smith
Ms. Smith is a dedicated, loving, hard worker who goes beyond her position at Fairfax.