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Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Tiger Team Members of the Month

January 2023
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Charlene Rice
Charlene is a wonderful person and trainer as I have been working with her for the past three months. She is very detailed, thorough, and overall a great person to work with. She goes above and beyond in anything she does and she also has been with the Board for 24 years. I appreciate her and all that she does!

Boulevard - LaShownda Horton
Ms. Horton arrives every day with a smile on her face bringing in warmth and positivity to our building. She works wonderfully with the many, many students that she supports at Boulevard. Her energy, positivity and passion for her students have been a positive and much appreciated light at Boulevard Elementary. Thank you Ms. Horton!

Canterbury - Maurice Lovett
Walking into Mr. Lovett's room is like walking into a model classroom. Every one of his students is engaged in the learning that is happening. Mr. Lovett has a knack for making all students feel accepted and supported emotionally and also in their learning. He is his students' advocate, cheerleader, and biggest supporter. He is an instructional rockstar and deserves more recognition than he is given. Mr. Lovett, you are an amazing educator! Thank you for your dedication to this craft!

Delisle Options Center/Tiger Virtual Academy/IT - Jeronica Bell
Jeronica is dedicated and passionate about her work. As our Registrar Specialist, Jeronica makes excellent customer service a top priority, ensuring that our new families get the attention and care they deserve.

Fairfax - Regina Lacey
Nurse Regina is very pleasant and helpful to the students and staff. Her upbeat attitude lifts everyone's spirits and brightens any room she's in.

Gearity - Angela Hoang
Before I met Angela, I was told she was a hardworking and dedicated professional. For the last half of the school year, she has been my co-teacher. She has not only lived up to her reputation, but she has been eager to support me through challenges. However, I am not the only colleague she lends this support to, as she deeply cares for the Gearity School community and knows that supported teachers foster successful outcomes for students.

Heights High - Quata Tucker
Quata is a reliable and dedicated member of the high school team. She is invested in the outcomes of our students through her vocation training program, connecting students and families with county services, and cheering our students on to graduation.  

Monticello - Deborah Richardson
Deborah should be recognized for always going above and beyond to keep our teachers, staff, and students safe. She has exemplified leadership by always taking initiative to do the unwanted or dreaded task. She even bakes cookies for kids who have improved their behavior. I am not only proud to work beside someone like Ms. Richardson, but I also feel 110% safer knowing that she is guarding our front and back doors! 

Noble - Rosalind Jacobs
Rozz has been with Noble for years and it is so great to see her in preschool with her students! She has such a great relationship with each and every one of them and showers them with kindness everyday. She also does a great job of bringing the academics alive in her classroom. Having subbed for a nap time in her room this fall, I can say that Rozz Jacobs has the patience of a saint and amazing energy with her kiddos. Way to go, Rozz!

Oxford - Bridgette Bondarenko/Michelle Manolio/Michelle Bee (IS Team)
The IS team at Oxford - Bridgette Bondarenko, Michelle Manolio, and Michelle Bee - work tirelessly to gather and analyze data to identify student strengths and weaknesses. They use this data to create and teach small intervention groups in reading and math. The team supports the classroom teachers everyday in closing the learning gap. Their hard work is so appreciated! The students and teachers at Oxford are lucky to have such a dedicated team.

Rox El - Malik Daniels
A true leader, educator and professional. He knows the teaching standards inside and out. He's at work every morning, before everyone else and stays late, organizing and planning his craft. The children and families love him. He strives to be the best-ALWAYS!

Rox Mid - Rachel Kelly
This is Rachel's first year in CH-UH. She has been such a great addition to our staff. She is hardworking and dedicated to the success of our students. She is a true team player who is reliable. She brings a positive attitude and great ideas to the team!
December 2022
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Doris Mapson
Doris "Dottie" Mapson always puts the children first. By all means necessary, she transports our scholars from home to school, field trips, and sporting events. Dottie is always able to come up with a winning combination that works for everybody. Dottie is the spark that keeps transportation running.

Boulevard - Katherine Sferry
Katherine is a gem in this district. She is creative and thinks outside of the box; she does whatever is best for students at all times. Katherine makes learning fun by creating dance moves and gestures to help students remember math concepts. She is willing to share her wealth of knowledge and brings joy with conversations had with colleagues. She is one of the BEST teachers I have ever worked with. 

Canterbury - Andrea Briggs
Andrea goes above for her students and outside the classroom, as she leads the social committee and is a member of the PBIS team as well. She is a selfless team player and we are lucky to have her at Canterbury!

Delisle Options Center/Tiger Virtual Academy/IT - Nikia Cleveland
With a couple of IT staff members out temporarily, Nikia has been stepping up to meet the needs of the department. She is dedicated to providing high quality tech service to all of our schools and staff members.

Fairfax - Nikita Garcias
Nikita is a new team member here at Fairfax, and she has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She cares so much about her students, gets involved, shares her ideas and opinions, and overall, advocates for her students and staff with the District's values at her core.

Gearity - Betty Jenkins
Betty is our 2nd grade Academic Success Tutor. Betty is not only kind and hardworking, but she cares deeply for the needs of children and is eager to learn new strategies to ensure their academic success!

Heights High - Tiesha McEwen
Tiesha has been a great addition to the high school, and her efforts to help students prepare for college have been very noticeable. In December, Tiesha arranged the Instant College Acceptance Day with Cleveland State University where 29 students were accepted on the spot to CSU. She is a tremendous asset to the students and families she works with and the District is lucky to have such a great employee.

Monticello - Megan Osborne
Megan tirelessly advocates for all students at Monticello. In the toughest situations, Megan is there to support the students, their families and their teachers. She always has an upbeat attitude. A few students recently had an idea to make clothing and other items available to students at school, and Megan helped them make it happen. Although this is Megan’s first year at Monticello, it feels like she’s been there for years. 

Noble - Debra Elwell
Deb is a top notch teacher. She is an endless planner, creating engaging, rigorous lessons. She is an amazing team leader and also serves on Noble's PBIS team. Her students' work is always shown outside of her classroom with tons of writing. You can see the progression from writing sample to writing sample. She has taught her students to be proactive and reflective. What an amazing second grade teacher!  

Oxford - Lynne Gaines
Miss Gaines is such a great team player. She is willing to work with all staff and students. She is welcoming to all. Her positive attitude helps to create a climate of teamwork and collaboration at Oxford. Miss Gaines cares so much about her students. They all know she loves and cares for them.

Rox El - Gillian Cox
Gillian is always willing to step in and do whatever is needed to help out, whether it's in the classrooms, during lunchtime, or taking kids to where they need to go. She makes Rox El shine!

Rox Mid - Conny Meier
Conny is a team player - always willing to help support students and assist teachers. She follows through and makes us laugh with her sense of humor and story telling. Our team appreciates the work Conny puts in!
November 2022
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Carla Morris
Carla is always available, pleasant and helpful. Not only does she help the Human Resources team, she's a lifeline and support for many throughout the district. Her attitude and approach exhibits and promotes the district's goals. She's a great teacher that inspires her colleagues and encourages them to become their best self. I'd also like to highlight that she hasn't lost her stride even after recently giving birth. Carla, thanks for all you do and have done!  

Boulevard - Karen Spinks
Spinks is truly the glue in Boulevard. She knows ALL families, understands the school business, helps with leadership club, and encourages all kids to be their best self. She does this while supporting the adults in the building. Earlier in the year the front office was short staffed; she picked up the torch and filled so many roles that we joke about all of her hats! We couldn't function without Spinks!

Canterbury - Carla Huter
Not only does Carla make learning fun for her 3rd graders, she makes coming to school fun for her colleagues! Once a week she becomes DJ CJ and plays NAME THAT TUNE over the PA (caller #5 into the office wins a prize).

Delisle Options Center/Tiger Virtual Academy/IT - Brian Buchanan
This is Mr. Buchanan's second year in the district as a TVA teacher and he is truly a team player. He is helpful, friendly and dedicated to staff and students, showing concern. We appreciate Mr. Buchanan.  

Fairfax - Maggie Brooks
Ms. Brooks has taken the lead with the PBIS work at Fairfax. She has worked to create expectations posters for the building, align Conscious Discipline with PBIS, and assisted staff in implementing PBIS initiatives. Ms. Brooks is also working with staff members to analyze data and procedures to get consistency with PBIS across the building.

Gearity - Danita Smith
Replacing an icon like Mrs. Gray can be a challenge, but Mrs. Smith has done an excellent job of stepping into the new role of administrative assistant. Mrs. Smith works well with the staff and provides quality customer services to our parents. Most importantly, she has implemented lessons learned from her predecessor while making the position her own.

Heights High - Patricia Donovan-Huelsman
Tricia is a hard-working and supportive team member. She is organized, collaborative, and empathetic to the needs of students. Tricia has shown unwavering support to the new staff in her department by providing technical training on the district's computer systems, frequent check-ins, and more. In her building, she is a consistent, reliable, and knowledgeable professional in her role as the School Psychologist for Heights High School. 

Monticello - Courtnei Blockson
Ms. Blockson embodies what true teamwork looks like. She goes above and beyond EVERYDAY for the students and staff at Monticello. She is always here to uplift and help in anyway needed. I am sure she has received recognition in the past for her outstanding team work, but I would like to ensure that she still remembers how much we appreciate her.

Noble - Marian Stephens
Marian is a staple at Noble. She leads our building's PBIS team and works so hard to make sure that our Noble scholars know our PBIS expectations and are rewarded for them. She is the friendly voice we hear each morning on the announcements. She is a kind, hardworking, friendly constant that can be depended on everyday. 

Oxford - Tyeasha Doss
Tyeasha is a computer savvy Millennial and makes every lesson fun and engaging for Oxford first graders. She is always willing to take the extra time to teach staff, so that we excel as well. Tyeasha is calm, open-minded and flexible, so she makes co-teaching together a breeze. I believe Tyeasha is one of the best teachers I have ever seen, she incorporates various exciting strategies and delivers instruction for every single student in her room. We are lucky to have Tye!

Rox El - Cathy Shramo
Cathy has been a great addition to our building wide Title I support team. She has spent countless hours researching, preparing and supporting our K-5 students to be successful. Her willingness to take on an unfamiliar role should not only be acknowledged, but celebrated. She believes in our students and fosters confidence in them!

Rox Mid - John Powaski
John takes the time every day to have a personal conversation with his students to make sure they are comfortable and feel valued. He works tirelessly to plan and execute engaging and challenging lessons for the students. He is a supportive and encouraging coworker who never fails to lend a hand and offer assistance. He is open to new ideas and wants the best for the students. He is an asset to Roxboro Middle School. 
October 2022
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Don Williams
Don exemplifies dedication to CH-UH. Don not only provides the best day to day service while performing his duties on the Grounds Crew, maintaining the District's 129 acres of land, he also steps up and fills in daily for absent bus drivers due to the shortage. He also willingly volunteers to deliver food when needed to the schools. We need more dedicated employees like Don.

Boulevard - Dusty Petersen
Dusty is one of the kindest people I know. She is hard working and always puts the interest of her students first. She is helpful and always willing to be a great listener. She makes our building a better place!

Canterbury - Christine Bell
Mrs. Christine Bell should be recognized for her role as a school counselor and support professional in our school. Mrs. Bell has helped staff members with the implementation and creation of interventions for students, served as an advisor for our Tiger Council student organization, coordinated the PBIS store with our lunch aides, counseled students, covered classrooms in class and lunch, and more. Her support has been most appreciated.

Delisle Options Center/Tiger Virtual Academy/IT - Kristin Campbell
As a new addition to our team, she has come right in and made a positive impact on our students. She works above and beyond to assure that our parents are well informed and a part of their student's learning process. She also sends out self care information to our staff to make sure we our taking care of ourselves as well. Student, Parent, and Teacher support!

Fairfax - Keiarra Nelson
Keiarra is an amazing coworker and is always helping when needed, no questions asked. Fairfax and CH-UH are lucky to have such an amazing person working here.

Gearity - Jairus McQuater
Mr. J. is an incredible asset to our team. He takes great pride in his work, as demonstrated by his fine attention to detail, friendly demeanor, and  service to our school. He is always willing to problem solve and help out no matter what! Recently, my classroom closet door was jammed and I was unable to access my personal items. Mr. J. immediately jumped into action. One of his best qualities, though, is his obvious enjoyment and support of our students.

Heights High - Marie (Tonie) McGlathery
Marie has been a wonderful addition to the district, especially at CHHS and Monticello. She is reliable, easy to work with, and brings a fresh new perspective to our job responsibilities.  

Monticello - Anisha Mahone
Anisha is a phenomenal teacher. She is patient with her students and works hard to get them to reach their full potential. She is always fair and understanding. She works very well with her colleagues and goes above and beyond what is asked to make things work for her team and students.

Noble - Arica Cohen
Arica has consistently demonstrated traits of a highly effective teacher. She has a strong grasp on the core curriculum and she is highly organized. She leads her students with high expectations, consistent structure, and equity (always making sure to meet students where they are at with what they need). Arica also builds strong relationships with her students' parents/guardians.

Oxford - Sarah Adair
I often describe Mrs. Adair as “the perfect second grade teacher” because she reminds me so much of my favorite 2nd grade teacher. She is so patient and kind, not just with her students, but with all the people she comes in contact with each day. She is a shining light at Oxford! 

Rox El - Chuck Smith
Chuck has gone above and beyond to keep our school clean. He comes to work every day and often works a double shift to make sure we have a clean and safe environment every day. He also takes time to get to know the students and is often seen talking to students and helping them make good choices. He is such a hard worker!

Rox Mid - Torian Slaughter
Torian goes above and beyond his duties, he is always smiling, and he takes care of whatever staff need. 
September 2022
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin - Charlie Swift
Charlie has really stepped up during Vivian's absence. She is at the front desk almost daily with a smile on her face. Definitely a team player!

Boulevard - Karla Morson
Karla Morson sets high expectations for her third graders throughout the entire school year, not just in academics, but in how they conduct themselves within the school, classroom, and with others. Karla is on BLT and PBIS. She has volunteered her time for Springboard after school tutoring in the past. Karla is a positive influence on our staff. She's always approachable and kind.

Canterbury - Mike Haslett
Mike Haslett, interim custodian, had done a phenomenal job while Mr. Franklin is out. He goes above and beyond in his duties and is willing to help wherever needed.

Delisle Options Center/Tiger Virtual Academy/IT - Brian Bailey
Brian's work often goes unnoticed because he is not often out in the buildings; however, his work greatly impacts every staff member and student of the district. Brian acts with a high level of ethics and integrity - both of which are required for the access levels he is trusted with. He has also been very gracious with his time when it comes to granting access, explaining procedures, and helping with problems.

Fairfax - Melinda Stoicoiu
Melinda works tirelessly throughout the building. She keeps a positive attitude and goes above and beyond her job title duties. She is continually strives to keep things humming along at Fairfax! We'd be lost without her!

Gearity - Gretchen Grabowski
Gretchen Grabowski is a true team player. She is always willing to work with teachers to create lessons and projects. She is creative and always finds fun activities for the students to be engaged in learning. She collaborates with her colleagues and has embraced Reciprocal Teaching as a strategy to teach students to work collaboratively, as well. Gretchen is kind, patient and hardworking and truly deserves to be a Tiger Team Member of the Month.

Heights High - Derrick Fleming
Derrick is a wonderful joy to work with. He is very creative, and a hard worker. He is dependable, reliable, and dedicated to his craft.  

Monticello - Tiffany Mixon
Mixon is always super positive. She is supportive and always there for her students.  

Noble - Kristiaun Copez-Minor
Kristiaun has done a great job to cultivate new partnership opportunities at Noble Elementary. Over the summer, Kristiaun hosted some amazing family fun events reaching 700-800 people. She has also stepped in to assist the new school year launch since our Administrative Assistant has been out. Noble is very lucky to have Kristiaun!

Oxford - Amy Robinson
Mrs. Robinson has been a very important part of our attendance initiative. She has taken it upon herself to learn all about our PBIS Reward online system. She has trained the staff on this system. She leads our attendance meetings with students each day. She is making such a difference at Oxford.

Rox El - Candace Summers
Candace Summers is a rock star! Her knowledge of data and interventions is truly appreciated. As a teacher, she is a fantastic resource. She is always positive and willing to help us.  

Rox Mid - Monique Christian
Although Monique has been in the district for many years, this is her first year at Roxboro Middle School. She has been a tremendous asset to our community and has been a pleasure to work with. She runs a tight, yet caring classroom. She is extremely organized and works well with her peers. She goes above and beyond working tirelessly to get to know her students. The students of Roxboro are lucky to have Ms. Christian as their ELA teacher!  
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