Tiger Team Members of the Month


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Tiger Team Members of the Month

May 2024
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin: Nancy Peppler 
As the Supervisor of Community & School Partnerships, Nancy has established relationships with organizations that have provided truly life-changing services to our kids. The most recent example is Vision to Learn, which is getting much-needed glasses to our students. When she got the word that the Governor would be visiting Oxford in just a few days' time to see this work in action, she immediately organized the team to make it happen. I am proud of the work that she does for Tiger Nation!
Boulevard: Dr. John Clay
Highly respected Dr. John Clay greets all staff and students with a smile and kind words. No student or staff goes unnoticed. When there is a behavior issue with students, Dr. Clay uses it as an opportunity for a learning experience rather than a means of punishment. Students and staff love Dr. Clay and the peacefulness and respect he has instilled here at Boulevard. Thank you, Dr. Clay.

Canterbury: Ben Colas
Mr. Colas has worked non-stop since he started his internship this school year at Canterbury. His positive attitude is contagious, and his dedication to the students and staff is unparalleled. We have been very fortunate to have Mr. Colas on our team this year!

Delisle/TVA/IT: Jeronica Bell
As the leader of the registration department, Jeronica is thoughtful, organized, and visionary. She has brought enrollment processes up to speed with the latest technologies and the needs of families, which is no easy feat in our ever-changing world. The registration department is the first impression that many families receive of the district, and she works hard to ensure it's welcoming and efficient.

Fairfax: Lauren Houk & Kristen Kephart
These two individuals have put an incredible amount of time and energy to make our One School, One Book literary experience amazing. From the materials to the schedule, they have created and facilitated engaging opportunities that are centered around reading that include the entire school, families, and members of the community. Lauren and Kristen have lead the charge of an outstanding learning experience that has motivated and engaged many people. I appreciate their efforts, as they have created an inclusive and connected event for our learning community. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Gearity: Lisa Husain
Lisa is an invaluable part of the CH-UH community and of the gifted team.She embodies the true heart of CH-UH which is "to always do what is best for kids." She works both tirelessly and effortlessly in her role to enrich students via the district's P.E.T.S. programming. 

Heights High: Sobhi Awadallah
Mr. Awadallah is dedicated to supporting the emotional needs of all of his students while providing them with quality education. He takes the time to build meaningful relationships with his students and makes all of his students feel welcome, heard, and cared for. 

Monticello: Patience Giboney 
She has been a great addition to our Monti staff. She goes the extra mile to make sure everything is going smoothly! Her bright and optimistic personality is NEEDED for our building and students!

Noble: Erik Rozsa
Erik has been a phenomenal help as not only an instructional coach, but also as a Noble Pride superstar! He boosts the morale and energy of Noble with his daily, impressive, fun, and stellar Morning Show videos that the whole school loves to watch. The Morning Show connects the entire school into putting forth positive energy towards fulfilling Noble's Big Four rules. As an instructional coach, I am very grateful he comes in to observe and then provide me with optimal feedback. He does that for many teachers and his effort is inspiring and hope-giving. Thank you, Erik, for helping everyone believe in the power they have to make positive change!

Oxford: Sabrina Ollie
Sabrina has been a part of the fabric of Oxford Elementary for many years. She's been a parent, a lunch teacher, a lunch room supervisor, and is now our Community Learning Center Organizer. She makes such a great impact on the lives of our students. This year alone, she has helped facilitate the Vision to Learn program at Oxford, providing almost 1/3 of our population with much needed glasses. She has welcomed families into Oxford each month with engaging Fantastic Friday events. She has also supported our staff by bringing in Trauma Informed care professional development. She is such an amazing resource for our staff, students, and families. 

Rox El: Gillian Cox
Mrs. Cox has proven to be a lifeline to Roxboro Elementary. She truly has tapped into the pulse of the building in the past two years. As the building substitute, she knows all of the children and adults, and she is sensitive to the needs of our most at risk students, without judgment. I have watched some of our more challenging students transform into students seeking success. I wish I could list some of the individual stories of her ability to take children under her wing, and have you witness the transformation that takes place. Mrs. Cox is a blessing to Roxboro Elementary's students and staff.

Rox Mid: Margaret Friedman
Margaret has been at Roxboro for nearly 30 years! In that time, she has impacted the lives of countless CH-UH students. I have worked with her for 26 years and I witnessed daily her caring and positive attitude toward her students. Margaret is also a wonderful teammate and can always be counted on for support and help!
April 2024
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin: Joyce Bukovac
As our math instructional specialist, Joyce has demonstrated exceptional leadership during this year's math curriculum pilot. Her remarkable organizational skills and clear communication have ensured smooth operations and understanding among all stakeholders. The Board of Education was left astounded by her thorough presentation of the curriculum. Beyond this, Joyce has spearheaded the creation of a Math OST Curated Database, enriching student discourse. These achievements represent just a fraction of Joyce's remarkable contributions to our district over her 33 years of service at Heights.

Boulevard: Kyla Burks
Kyla Burks is all about the students! She not only works with them as a lunchroom non-paraprofessional, but spends time within the classrooms working with students on academics and controlling behaviors. Kyla is a professional singer and has sung songs from Disney for some of our students. Kyla is a much loved member of Boulevard!

Canterbury: Dr. Erica Wigton
Dr. Wigton models servant leadership for the building and has gone above and beyond in ensuring all students and staff feel safe, welcome, valued, and appreciated. Her leadership has been instrumental in fostering the climate we have!

Delisle/TVA/IT: Dr. Kristie Cooper
Dr. Kristie is a fantastic human being who supersedes expectations when it comes to anticipating her students' needs. 

Fairfax: Geoglander Bishop
Ms. Bishop is a dedicated paraprofessional at Fairfax. She always shows up, ready to take on the day with a positive attitude. She has dedicated many years to Fairfax and her students, and comes back each year better than the last. Her experience is helpful to teachers, students and substitutes. Ms. Bishop steps up to the plate without being asked and is involved in many students' lives other than just the ones in her classroom. She is a team player and will help in any setting. Fairfax would not be the same without her knowledge and resiliency in the classroom.

Gearity: Kelly Cooper
Kelly Cooper is such a team player. At any given time you can see Kelly running around Gearity to help all teachers. If someone needs assistance... COOPER APPEARS! Kelly does an outstanding job of motivating her students to do their best. They know they can trust Ms. Cooper! Therefore, students feel comfortable taking risks and are not afraid to make mistakes. We co-teach everyday. This gives me the opportunity as a teacher to learn from another educator, and my students get another approach to learn the same curriculum. We are lucky to have Kelly Cooper on our staff!

Heights High: Jamaya Greer
As a success coach, student teacher, and substitute teacher, Mrs. Greer maintains excellence and professionalism in her work. Mrs. Greer greets students with a smile on her face and a positive, encouraging attitude that lets each student know she believes in their ability to achieve greatness.

Monticello: Anthony Provenzale 
Mr. Provenzale has dedicated 40 years to teaching. Since I have been working with him, for the last two years, I have witnessed him put the needs of students and teachers before himself. Provenzale treats all with kindness and high regard.

Noble: Nicole Nalepa & Alexia Boyles
These teachers have gone above and beyond with their collaborative efforts. They have been instrumental in assisting a long term sub with planning lessons and assessments. During TBT, they share instructional strategies that consistently support student growth and achievement. Both Nicole and Alexia believe in their team, students and support staff!

Oxford: Jerren Jennings
It is very clear that Mr. J has an excellent rapport with the students at Oxford. He has taken the time to get to know each student and build relationships with the families at Oxford. His dedication to our students is unparalleled. He is in attendance for EVERY event. He is an excellent male role model for our students and I am happy to have him in our presence.

Rox El: Malik Daniels
Mr. Daniels is an an amazing teacher, mentor, and role model. He takes extra time to support his students, other teachers' students, and other teachers. He goes above and beyond to support the school community. Mr. Daniels' teaching and mentoring is effective, impactful, and inspiring.

Rox Mid: Wendy Ward Woodard
Wendy's leadership of Sunshine Committee this year has been flawless! She has made everyone in our building feel loved, seen, and appreciated throughout the year. She has done all she can to lift morale, particularly during difficult times. Wendy also brings so much to the 8th grade team with her creativity and sense of fun. Finally, Wendy supports all students through NJHS and Ladies of Leadership, as well as all staff as a union rep. She is truly such an important part of the Rox Mid family.
March 2024
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin: Antwaniesh Gendraw
Antwaniesh is a new on-call driver, which requires her to fill in on any route at any given time. Antwaniesh is always willing to help out wherever she can. She is always the first to say "I will help out," "I can do that trip," or "What do you need me to do?" She has learned several routes and has established relationships with the children on the buses. She finds a way to do a field trip and her noon run without making either one late. Antwaniesh is also a graduate of our school district and said she just wants to give back to CH-UH.

Boulevard: Tameka Bradley
Mrs. Bradley is a breath of fresh air at Boulevard. She is fun and engaging with her students, but academics are essential. Teaching a split class is very hard, but she makes it seem like a breeze. She builds relationships with any student who is in need and assists the staff in and out of the classroom. I can always count on her. Mrs. Bradley truly BELIEVES in Boulevard.

Canterbury: Brenda Hockett
Ms. Hockett is our head Lunch Paraprofessional and an asset to Canterbury’s PBIS program and school climate. She reinforces positive behaviors with students, reminding them to be respectful, responsible and safe. She also coaches other lunch staff to be leaders during the lunch periods. Ms. Hockett delivers and orchestrates our PBIS prize cart with many classes. She gets feedback from students on prize ideas and passes it on to the PBIS team. She spreads positivity throughout Canterbury on a daily basis and we are grateful for her dedication to our school community!

Delisle/TVA/IT: Brian Buchanan
Mr. Buchanan has done a great job spearheading the Success Academy at the Delisle Options Center. The new middle school students are engaged, and the staff is working well together to reach their common goals. His leadership has made this a very smooth transition for all students, staff and parents. 

Fairfax: Rochelle Klein
Rochelle is the biggest team player I've ever met. She is resilient and continues to stay positive, attentive and engaged each day with her students, cherishing the laughter and memories she makes with her kindergarten through 2nd graders. She is a role model to General Ed students, regardless of being a self-contained teacher, and all students flock to her smile and kindness. 

Gearity: Julie Soroka
Julie is an amazing co-teacher. She is always willing to jump in and lend a helping hand to her colleagues whenever needed. Due to her encouragement, children feel secure enough to take risks! As a matter of fact, a second grader told me that she wants to come back to first grade because her favorite teacher is Mrs. Soroka. And as a member of the Math Pilot Committee, she is always willing to think outside the box and make every minute count! 

Heights High: Kristen Narduzzi
As a teacher, co-teacher, and intervention specialist, Kristen serves as an advocate for the needs and well-being of all special education students at Heights High. Kristen wholeheartedly dedicates herself to every task, going above and beyond to ensure that her students are provided with every opportunity to succeed. In her role as a department liaison, she has adeptly supported and guided the special education team for the past two years. Kristen works to ensure the seamless integration of all special education students into various aspects of school life, fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding among all students.

Monticello: Abigail Pratt
Abby is very hardworking and dedicated to her job. She continuously develops best practices for her students and brings high energy to her classroom teaching. She genuinely cares about the learning of each of her students and works hard to develop and foster relationships with all 8th grade students. Abby's hard work and dedication to her teaching and students inspires me to reflect on my own practices. I am very fortunate to have her as a colleague and friend. 

Noble: Kim Salvatore
Talk about a team player! Kim BELIEVES in her students. She is the Grade 4 BLT Team Leader. She is a member of the PBIS Team. She also gives her time for Student Council endeavors and math competitions. Kim is extremely reflective of her teaching and leading skills and pushes all other educators to be reflective. She is a strong reading and math teacher. Kim is one of the hardest working CH-UH employees I have ever worked with!  

Oxford: Lindsay Hampy
Each of the students in Lindsay's classroom are eager to come to school each day because of the welcoming environment she provides them with. She teachers them patience, fairness, responsibility, and communication, which deepens relationships. Lindsay is in charge of the Run Club at Oxford, and she noticed the need for athletic wear for the students. She picked up donations, organized them, and provided so many students with necessities that they did not have. These are the greatest lessons taught from a loving heart.

Rox El: Cathy Shramo
Cathy has been an incredible person to work with. She has helped me become acclimated to my new position and I could not have done it without her. She is kind, generous, and has the best rapport with her students. Whenever she discovers a new technique or activity, she is quick to share it with me. Her confidence has been contagious and when things get stressful, she roles up her sleeves and just dives right in. She. Is. The. Best.

Rox Mid: Patricia Ochoa
Patricia is a World Languages team member, contributing and working with teachers at all grade levels. She is a valuable member of the community who is reaching out to help English learners and their families. She is working hard to help the World Languages and the Spanish speaking students who have enrolled at Rox Mid, and we are so grateful for her kindness.
February 2024
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin: Payroll Team (Carmen Jefferson, Angela Kennedy, Arlene Mohammadpour, Lindsay Smith)
The District Payroll team in the Finance Department does whatever it takes to make sure everyone in the District is paid every two weeks - along with all of the other things (taxes, deductions, retirement, benefits...) that come along with that. In December, they worked on the snow day to get out the 12/1 pay, worked over the weekend amid network issues to get out the 12/15 pay, and worked over winter break to get out the 12/29 pay. They never have to be asked - they know what needs to be done and they take the initiative to do it. People are quick to fuss if something is wrong with their paychecks, but it's not often this hard-working group is appreciated for everything that goes right regularly for the 1,000 employees of our District.

Boulevard: Lauren Eaton
Lauren is one of Boulevard's outstanding and much respected 1st grade teachers, who brings much enthusiasm for learning into her classroom! Lauren is truly focused on creating lessons that highly engage students in quality learning. Student behavior is always in control. Lauren is always approachable with genuine kindness and respect for both students and staff.

Canterbury: Jason Franklin
He goes above and beyond. Since I've been at Canterbury, I have observed that he is always looking to improve his building.

Delisle/TVA/IT: Paul Gustafson
Mr. Gustafson is a vital member of the Tiger Virtual Academy and Delisle Center staffs. He is the ultimate team player, always willing to assist with any project, class, or situation. He works well with students at any grade level. He is creative and skilled with technology. As a parent of Heights graduates and a member of the Heights community, he is a true supporter of Tiger Nation. We are fortunate to have such a friendly, patient, and committed colleague in our building.

Fairfax: Cynthia Foster
Ms. Foster is an amazing paraprofessional that goes above and beyond for all students. From her efficiency in the cafeteria in the mornings, to building long-lasting, meaningful relationships with students, to collaborating with other educators to best meet the students' needs, to sharing positive words of wisdom, to her calm demeanor... Ms. Foster is a key asset to the building and deserves to be recognized for her hard work, care and compassion for our students. 

Gearity: Caren Golenberg
Caren is such a great reading teacher and always puts her students first. She has implemented the Wonders + 95% Curriculum with intention. She is an oracle of knowledge at our weekly TBTs. She created a goal setting model for words per minute that other grade levels at Gearity have implemented. I couldn't ask for a better teammate.

Heights High: Jim Miller
Jim organized a trip for AP Biology & AP Environmental science students. He organized everything to make the experience seamless for students & parents. Jim even ensured students would have surprises & treats along the way in Belize. His dedication to his students and his passion for science are inspiring.

Monticello: Jeannise Andres
Ms. Andres is always encouraging students to be their best selves. She is a great advocate for PBIS and shows great leadership throughout the building. She runs the clock at all of Monticello’s home games. She also teaches students about journalism as well as poetry after school, and her students love her so much. Ms. Andres is an irreplaceable part of our Monticello family.

Noble: Patrick Carpenter
Patrick is a positive leader for staff and students. He shares his passion, vision, compassion and humor each day. He is there for his students and their families as well as the staff (both professionally and personally). He BELIEVES! We are so happy you are our instructional leader! 

Oxford: Andrew Kosinski
Coach K is dedicated, hardworking and organized with the activities he prepares for the students. Some students are not comfortable with certain gym activities, and Coach K is creative with redesigning ways for them to participate and have fun. He inspires students to love the challenge of competition and to be team players. I love his energy, focus, leadership, patience, and teaching ability. A great asset for the Oxford Tiger Team. 

Rox El: Charles Smith
Mr. Smith is the Rox El head custodian and does everything possible for our staff and students to have a great school day. His commitment to creating a clean and safe place for the students doesn't go unnoticed. He has gone above and beyond to make sure that our school sparkles, and is a welcoming, healthy space for everyone. His favorite expression is "I got you" and he really does! We are lucky to have him as our custodian!

Rox Mid: Katie Spilker
In my career, I had never experienced working with a true co-teacher - until I started working directly with Katie Spilker. If anyone enters our classroom, it would be impossible to tell who is the gen ed teacher and who is the intervention specialist. It is so refreshing to be able to work with someone who appreciates differing points of view, is creative, and willing to help in any way.  
January 2024
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin: Scott Smith
Scott has been providing leadership and management for the transportation department beyond expectations. He ensures that routes are covered every day, including personally filling in for driving routes daily. When he is finished, he promptly returns to the office, where he diligently answers telephone calls and emails. He even came in over the weekend of the snowstorm to get our swim team to their league meet. He is the driving force behind the smooth operation of Transportation. 

Boulevard: Mira Arbreton
Mira is an incredible paraprofessional. Her positive attitude, energy and willingness to help is truly valued here at Boulevard. Thanks for all that you do!

Canterbury: Kathleen Butler
As a brand new teacher to Canterbury, Kathleen has shown her students structure, love, compassion and resiliency. She has a classroom that is student centered and gears her lessons and activities to their interests. She is a rockstar!

Delisle/TVA/IT: Jeff Porter
Mr. Porter and his students came to the rescue and assisted one of our families experiencing homelessness. The family car, which they heavily depend on, was not working due to a missing serpentine belt. Mr. Porter and his auto tech students made the repair and even serviced the brakes and changed the oil. The family was beyond grateful and the grandmother baked a cake for the students to express her gratitude. Mr. Porter is passionate about the tech program and the Heights community.  

Fairfax: Kristi Glasier
Kristi goes above and beyond for her students and her colleagues every day. She is dedicated to her students' learning, She is always looking for ways to improve her teaching. She is helpful to her colleagues and will always step up and take one for the team. She is leading our student council and is doing such an excellent job with making sure that the students' voice is represented. Her work ethic is unrivaled.

Gearity: Karlene Sa'ad  
Mrs. Sa'ad is in her third year of working with the Gearity teachers and has done an excellent job of becoming a vital member of the building support team. She works one-on-one, in teacher teams and with the whole staff on analyzing their practice so we can improve student academic achievement. She most recently facilitated a whole group professional development session on differentiation for all of the teachers. Mrs. Sa'ad has also helped roll out our student goal setting process and will be participating in the District goal setting committee. What an asset!

Heights High: Tory Wenson
Tory has a strong connection with her students. After their classmate NaRayia Thomas passed away, she kept them together and helped them heal by allowing them to make a memorial to her in her classroom. The strength and support she provides her students is remarkable. 

Monticello: Angela Coleman-Kirkland
Mrs. Kirkland truly is a team player. Ms. Kirkland is always willing to help wherever needed, and she is an instrumental guide for our new staff. She runs our Leading Ladies student group and does community service with our girls. She covers classes when needed and is often lending a hand to others. 

Noble: Marie Jefferson
Ms. Jefferson is amazing. She is one our lunch aides. She has formed strong bonds with students and staff at Noble. She exudes positivity and has a great sense of humor. She has also recently joined Noble's PBIS Team. Ms. Jefferson goes above and beyond. 

Oxford: Megan Evans Erker 
Mrs. Erker’s dedication to her students is unparalleled. She never gives up on them and holds them to high standards. She uses creative ways to assist with helping her students stay on task, making a positive impact on our team of Tigers. She communicates effectively with parents and school staff about student progress and needs. She always keeps her composure during rough days, which encourages team connection and caliber.

Rox El: Tanya Niraj
Tanya is always willing to help, and always with a smile on her face. She has a pleasant demeanor and radiates positive energy daily. She is an extremely organized administrative assistant, and perfect front office person for everyone at the school. She truly embodies the Tiger spirit. I am so appreciative of her work ethic, and that I get a chance to work with her at Rox El!

Rox Mid: Dani Copeland
Dani is a team player who always pitches in to get the job done! Not only has she recently presented at a national AVID conference and is part of the IB/AVID site team, she is a member of the Building Leadership Team and is the 8th grade team lead. Ms. Copeland makes learning fun for her students using instructional strategies that engage them in collaboration and deep thinking. It is a pleasure to work with Dani at RMS!
December 2023 
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin: Nicci Caliph
Nicci's positive energy is a pleasure to be around. Each day she writes positive and funny messages on the board at the side entrance of the BOE. I look forward to them each morning as it helps me start my day and brings a smile to my face. She is a hard-working, dedicated member of the Communications team and a wonderful addition to our Board staff.

Boulevard: Melanice Walker
You can find Melanice Walker at Boulevard Elementary before the crack of dawn until after sunset. Melanice is here for morning care, breakfast and lunch, and Boulevard Blast after school. Melanice has the gift of taking students under her wings. She provided a student who had difficulty managing her behavior during recess a job in the lunchroom, along with positive reinforcements. The students love her and respect her. We love and respect her, too.

Canterbury: Angela Prince-Mahoney & Stephanie Weisenburger 
Angela and Stephanie are our Title I teachers. They have assisted our kindergarten teachers and students by administering multiple assessments and even created practice MAP tests to help the kindergartners at the start of the year. They come into the kindergarten classrooms to lend a helping hand whenever they can. Mrs. Weisenburger assists students by helping them remember expectations, and Mrs. Mahoney attended the Equity training to keep our team abreast of the new modules and help us prepare for the work ahead.

Delisle/TVA/IT: Marc Brown
Marc Brown is a dedicated member of the IT Department. His 38 years of experience provides a broad range of knowledge of the district's innerworkings. Marc takes pride and ownership over his work, he is willing to take on unknown challenges, and he shows calmness and poise in high pressure situations. These are markings of a leader and great team member.

Fairfax: LaTonya Turner
Miss Turner is a positive addition to our staff. She is a friendly individual who is hard-working and kind. Her commitment to our learning community is impressive. I believe she is worthy of receiving positive recognition.  

Gearity: Aimee Banas
Aimee works tirelessly for all of her students. She promotes equity in her classroom. Her students continue to show growth after a challenging previous year. Aimee does a great job facilitating small group rotations in her classroom and manages four adults in the room at the time. As chair of the sunshine committee she also does a wonderful job bringing joy in good times and bad. She is an amazing teacher and person.  

Heights High: Shawn Washington
Mrs. Washington does it all, and she does it humbly, with a smile and cheery disposition. She not only teaches, she is the AVID coordinator, MSAN advisor, BLT member, Department Liaison and so much more. Additionally, every day she spends her lunch period with students who need a safe space to talk, get academic help, eat lunch, or just be. In my eyes, she is not just a Tiger Team Member of the Month. She's The Tiger Team Member!

Monticello: Brock Hoover 
Hoover is always laughing and smiling. He is always present in the hallways. He willingly helps during his planning time and he always has kids in his class during his lunch to help them learn math material. He exemplifies a caring teacher who looks out for all of the students. I appreciate Hoover because he always is making jokes to make the teachers smile and laugh. He is an awesome colleague to work with.

Noble: Kimberly Holyk
I believe that Kim Holyk should be Tiger Team Member of the Month because she is just excellent with students. Kim is new to Noble this year, but has already developed a very strong rapport with students. Students listen to her and love seeing her, both in and outside of the classroom. 

Oxford: Candace Arrington
Candace is a lunch non-paraprofessional at Oxford. Her years of experience working at Job and Family Services has imparted great sensitivity towards the well-being of children. Ms. Arrington is helpful, caring and kind while executing her duties. When I started this position she became my role model. Not only does she encourage her peers, but the children find her presence welcoming and worthy of respect. 

Rox El: Theresa Butler-Loney
Mrs. Butler-Loney is the Attendance Secretary at Roxboro Elementary School. She is one of the most incredible additions to our team. Mrs. Butler-Loney always has a smile on her face. She is always kind to the children and to our families, and she is one of the most flexible team members on our staff. Mrs. Butler-Loney works not only in her office, but also helps in the security office, in the cafeteria, and in the front office. She is the epitome of Excellence!

Rox Mid: Josephine Shelton-Townes
Roxboro Middle School has been through a very sad and challenging season, and Jo was an integral part of not only supporting our staff and students. She is knowledgeable and nurturing, and her wisdom is something that our team relies on every single day!

November 2023 
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin: Vanessa Bantum
Vanessa has a long record of being a dedicated, hard worker on behalf of the district, students, and fellow staff members. She is known for giving the people around her the very best. Vanessa has a talent that I will call a human GPS. She has the outstanding ability to drive a school bus, and simultaneously help other drivers navigate the city turn by turn. 

Boulevard: Christina Nordlund
Christina is an outstanding school psychologist! She is professional, highly intelligent, filled with true wisdom and understanding, and genuinely warm hearted and caring. She's open and honest to all students and staff and welcomes all who seek her assistance. Her ETRs are detailed, thorough, and extremely well written. The students love her and are always excited to see her. Our staff looks up to Christina as a professional and friend.

Canterbury: Marilyn Doss
Marilyn is our nurse paraprofessional. She is dedicated to making sure our students are healthy and comforted. She is so kind and caring and her care goes above and beyond Band-Aids. If she notices a student who seems down or distressed about something, she is there to discuss things with them and be sure they leave her office feeling more comfortable about their situation. Canterbury is lucky to have her!

Delisle/TVA/IT: Guy Bradshaw
Mr. Bradshaw is a dedicated member of our high school automotive technology program. He plays a crucial part in creating a positive and inclusive learning atmosphere. Mr. Bradshaw's fairness and consistency in assisting the class contribute to the overall success of the program. He takes the time to connect with each student on a personal level, fostering a sense of community within the class. Mr. Bradshaw actively supports students in their academic pursuits, providing guidance and a supportive presence.

Fairfax: The Paraprofessionals of Fairfax
As a group, they are not honored enough for all of the hard work they put in everyday. We have an amazing team.

Cynthia Foster, Lanny Bishop, Alecia Vickers, Dj Battle, Larissa Mckinney, Elliot Hill, Jada James, Keiarra Nelson, Patrice Perry, Ricquel Martin, Destiny Curtis, Aleacer Tripp, Deborah Howse, Kevin Davis, Lauretta Brown, Barbara Heard, Erika Davis, Natalie Harris, Minnie Spoon, Barbara Champion

Gearity: Amanda Blazetic
Blaze is such a dedicated advocate and amazing teacher. She is always willing and able to lend a helping hand to other students who are not part of her caseload. She treats all students like they are her own! Blaze has such patience and compassion for her students who have special needs. She truly has a heart of gold! 

Heights High: Samantha Greene
Greene always goes above and beyond for her students and her co-workers to help in any way that she can! 

Monticello: Mikia Searcy
Ms. Searcy has gone above & beyond to support Monticello's efforts in partnering with families. She has been a nimble leader in supporting the school's National Network of Partnership Schools. And most recently, she took on helping to re-build the PTA! It is worth noting she does it all with a warm enthusiasm. Thank YOU Mikia! 

Noble: Jazmine Monroe
Jazmine is a true gem at Noble! I have been lucky to work with her for several years. She is compassionate about growing our first grade scholars, collaborates and shares her knowledge of the science of reading with our team, creates engaging lessons, and inspires me each day! Jazmine is also our tech coach and has brightened up Noble by leading the Sunshine Committee. Noble is so lucky to have her.

Oxford: Edie Fiala
Mrs. Fiala is an amazing support for our staff, students and families. She helps families to gain access to much needed resources. Mrs. Fiala comes to work each day focused on students' needs. She has worked closely with staff to provide students with the supports they need to access their education. Mrs. Fiala shares resources with staff and comforts students on a daily basis.  

Rox El: Debbie Hirsch
Debbie took the most recent unit in Wonders and made terrific connections to her IB unit. Having learned about monuments in ELA, Debbie expanded that reading to research involving the Cultural Gardens of Cleveland. The students then wrote persuasive essays to encourage other people to visit their chosen garden. Families reported that the students were so excited, they actually visited MLK Blvd to explore! Thanks, Mrs. Hirsch, for connecting the learning and engaging the students beyond your four walls!

Rox Mid: Ryan Williams
Ryan is an excellent team leader. He is organized and thorough presenting information to the teachers on our team. He is also a fantastic teacher. His lessons are creative and interesting for students. I often will help students with their math work during our RIA period so I can see first hand that the work is challenging and creative for students.
October 2023 
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin: The Grounds Crew
I would like to nominate the entire Grounds crew staff for their work during the month of October. Aside from keeping all of our facilities' exteriors looking great, they have taken on the remake of the exterior of Delisle, where our new families register their students. Recognizing that first impressions are extremely important, they planted new shrubs and enhanced the flower beds. This team also supports our athletic department by working the football games to keep the area clean. Please recognize:

Kelvin Robinson (Lead Grounds)
Jamar Butler (Equipment Operator)
Torray Reeves
Don Williams
James Moss
William Clark

Boulevard: Jacqueline Young
As Boulevard's librarian, Jackie uses her unique artistic talent to decorate our library to look like a wonderland of books echoing the love of reading! Together with Jackie's dramatic read-aloud time, students are strongly inspired to take out books and read. Our library has never been so quiet before, with students searching for books and reading!

Canterbury: Jessica Valentino-Artman
Jess is always willing to help out any teacher in need. On top of that, she's a fantastic teacher herself. Her kids love coming to her Spanish classes, and in the years that I've been sharing a space with her, I've learned lots of small but effective classroom management techniques just by being a fly on the wall. Jess exemplifies what it is to be a true teacher who cares not just for her kids but for the well-being of her building and the district.

Delisle/TVA/IT: Kristin Campbell
Kristin joined the Options team last year and has become a vital member of the staff. She provides empathic guidance with standards that lead to success. We are very fortunate to have her as a part of the team. 

Fairfax: Keiarra Nelson
She is the culture of Fairfax and we would be lost without her. Keiarra is a beloved staff member and does it all.

Gearity: TaRhonda Ward
Ms. Ward promotes an ongoing culture of collaboration and works to create a joyful work environment through her monthly staff recognition boards and social events like "Chip Day" and our school's first Staff Chili Cookoff.

Heights High: Brenda Taylor
Officer Taylor has been dependable, reliable, and efficient in supporting Heights High. She is diligent in her job duties, ensuring the hallways are clear and that visitors always follow our safety protocols. She keeps in good communication with students and staff members. She even helps make sure that students get to class on time!

Monticello: Dr. Jeffrey Johnston
Dr. J truly is the heart of Monti. He shows up every day in every way and leads by example. He always keeps a calm attitude and shows patience, fairness, integrity, and optimism in all of his actions and interactions. Being a principal, especially a middle school principal, is no easy feat, and Jeff does an amazing job! 

Noble: Vanessa Hagan
Vanessa joined the Noble this school year and has seamlessly fit into the Noble family. She has engaging lessons, amazing class structure, and demonstrates high and consistent expectations. She strives to meet the needs of each of her students, and works tirelessly to engage even the most challenging situations.

Oxford: Rebecca McCalligan
Rebecca has really become a model of the idea of believing in her students. She has embraced the new core content curricular materials and is excited and encouraging to her students who are practicing with the new programs. She comes prepared with questions and is always seeking outside perspective about how to make her lessons and engagement for her kids better. I love working with her, and her kids love her and all the energy she brings to the classroom.

Rox El: Daniel Hershman-Rossi
Mr. Rossi recently took time in his music class to work on social emotional skills with the kindergarten students. He taught them what to do if you accidentally bump into someone, from both students’ perspectives. I have since heard the students implementing this important skill in the classroom. Skills such as these are vital at the Kindergarten age. I am thankful to Mr. Rossi for helping our students to become not only good students but good people. 

Rox Mid: Lia Radke
Lia does an amazing job making AVID run school-wide! From teaching her own elective courses in 7th and 8th grade, to working closely with the 6th grade elective teacher and the entire staff, Lia makes AVID strategies easy to use to benefit all students. Lia is also an active BLT member, a DLT member, and the district RESA coordinator. She also plans all the student council events for RMS and every decision she makes has students first in her mind. We are lucky to have her!
September 2023 
BOE/Bus Depot/Millikin: Jamar Butler
Jamar always goes above and beyond to help the district and others. He's also friendly and pleasant when you interact with him. I'm nominating Jamar because I saw him diligently cutting the grass at the BOE after 4:30 p.m. on the Friday before Labor Day. Most people would have prioritized starting the extended weekend, but not Jamar. Jamar, thanks for going above and beyond to make sure the district looks nice!

Boulevard: Joi Curry
Mrs. Curry is the most amazing person I know. She is my go to person with most situations. She is always willing to help and has an amazing relationship with students, staff and families. The students know that she truly cares about them academically as well as personally. Mrs. Curry BELIEVES in us and knows that Boulevard is Number 1!

Canterbury: Darlene Bolden
Ms. Bolden has been one of the most welcoming staff members since beginning teaching at Canterbury. This is my first year at CH-UH so I was in over the summer setting up my room. She has been so encouraging and uplifting. She compliments my classroom, how I have taken on a challenging room, and brightens my day. 

Delisle/TVA/IT: Karen LaBoda
Karen is always happy to help no matter how many times I call her. She's also always has an answer to my question, whatever it is, even if it she is just directing me to someone else who can answer my question. I know I can count on her.

Fairfax: Dr. Andrea Walker
Our new principal has come in and made a great change at Fairfax. Andrea Walker is confident, self-assured, intelligent, logical, equitable, and overall a kind and dedicated individual. We are so lucky to have her leading our school to greatness!

Gearity: Sean Sullivan
I am recommending Sean for his dedication to our STEM program. He has dealt with health issues but still gives 100% to make sure our students receive a quality STEM education. He is willing to partner with the Natural History Museum, bring in guest speakers, and implement innovative programming. He also has led our Student Council, giving Gearity students a voice in our school program.

Heights High: Taylor Smith
Taylor has been a vital part of the reason that the high school has gotten off to such a good start this year. He is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to jump in and lead the charge. He is always willing to teach and lend a helping hand whenever he can. I appreciate his willingness to help others around him and go above and beyond to ensure that the job gets done. 

Monticello: Leslie Garrett
Ms. Garrett has stepped in to lead one of our 7th grade Individuals & Societies class to start the school year. She has taken this responsibility on while still meeting her district responsibilities as an IB Coordinator. Her efforts have enabled our students to begin the school year in a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment. She has also stepped up to lead our 7th grade team as Team Leader this school year. Her committee to our students is an example to us all!

Noble: Britney Graham
Britney helps to create a culture of warmth and inclusiveness for all members of our Noble Family; staff, students, and families. She is willing to step in and do what ever is needed, whenever it is needed. Britney creates opportunities for students to feel successful and ensures that she treats everyone with respect and dignity. We'd be lost at Noble without her!

Oxford: Toni White
Toni has made a seamless transition into her new role as Assistant Principal at Oxford Elementary School. She has made connections with staff and students. She has quickly become an important member of the Oxford community.  

Rox El: Jennifer Musgrave
Besides being a role-model of a Kindergarten teacher with her engaging lessons and focus on student development, she made her new colleague feel welcomed and supported. Jen also is a member of the IB Leadership team, the BLT, and is a co-Union representative of Roxboro. We are so lucky to have her in our building!

Rox Mid: Joshua Luton
Mr. Luton is the glue that binds together the long-time staff in the building and the new faces and leadership that have arrived this year. Mr. Luton has jumped in on everything from day one. He worked all summer to support Ms. Sharpe in ensuring that we had a full staff to open the year. He comes in everyday with a smile, and a heart to love kids and support adults. He works tirelessly to ensure that we are creating a welcoming environment where students can learn unhindered.
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