Human Resources Staff


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Human Resources Staff

Human Resources Staff

Paul Lombardo
Dr. Paul Lombardo- Administrative Support
Assistant Superintendent of HR and Operations  


Talent Management- Review & adjust hiring criteria as advised- All hiring approvals - Reference checks for new hires (Administrative) - Establish new staff orientation meetings for the upcoming year Consult with principals/evaluators on firm term evaluation deadlines - Seek completed classified and certified evaluation documents from Principals/Directors/Supervisors - Staff Performance and Discipline 

Strategic Workforce Planning - Schedule recruitment activities - Prepare for recruiting fairs/job fairs - Facilitate Staffing  Process- review and make recommendation staffing projections

HR Service Delivery- Develop budget - Review board agendas

Strategic Leadership- Manages the development and advancement of business operations - Supervises managers of support operations - Administers continuing contracts, demotions, transfers, non-renewals and termination processes - Facilitates District initiatives in alignment of strategic goals - Serve as Compliance Officer for staff related issues- Member of Cabinet - ARC Committee Facilitator (eTPES, OTES, OPES, SLO) - Member of the Summit Committee - Employee Code of Conduct Facilitator - Employee  Recognition Committee Member - Represent CHUH District in professional HR Associations

Compliance- Confirmer of BCI/FBI - HQT verification - LPCD Facilitator

Union/Employee Relations/ Negotiated Agreements- Preparation and analysis of all collective bargaining contract negotiations - Grievance Chair



Carla Morris
Carla Morris- District Support
Human Resources Specialist

Talent Management- Supplemental Assignments - Evaluations - Resolutions/Appointments/Separations/Retirements-Screening

HR Support Service Delivery-Leaves- Assist with eFMLA system- leaves of absences, absenteeism and related areas- Compensation Information / Contracts- Re-Classification/ Tenure (Continuing Contract) - LPDC- New Teacher Camp; monthly meetings; IPDP - Track 200 Day Employee Compensatory Time - OEDS-R maintenance –update staff and assignments for ODE “roles” of staff - Administrative Payout and Carryover (June) - HR Billing/HR Budget - Website Maintenance and Updates -  Compile staff data requests

Compliance- LPDC/Licensure/Credentials/HQT Information -verification, renewal packets, assistance-Public School Works - EMIS Staff Data

Strategic Workforce Planning- Staffing Support- preference forms, placements, job sharing, or transfer requests-  Oversee exit process, analyze trends and data

Union/Employee Relations/ Negotiated Agreements- Seniority/ RIF lists (District-wide)- Incentive Payouts/ Caseload Compensation (District-wide)

HR Professional Services- Member of Labor Management Committee - Transitional Work Coordinator -Employee Recognition Committee Member - Serve as Compliance Officer: for staff related issues -District Contact for Unemployment and Worker Compensation programs.(District-wide)

Lashae Daniels
LaShae Daniels- Certified Support
Confidential Administrative Assistant
Recruitment/Talent Management - Certified Job Postings - internal & external (AppliTrack), Coordination and Scheduling of Meetings/Interviews - Interview and Recruitment Packets and Materials - Orientations/Onboarding for certified staff and administrative/professional staff - District Subs
Reference checks- Field Placements   Orientations/Onboarding for Certified Staff/Certified Subs/Interns- Resolutions/Appointments/ Changes/ Separations (for certified personnel )-Exit Data for All Certified Staff - Leave /Maintenance (FMLA, sick, admin COBRA) -Collaboration with payroll - Long-Term Substitute assignment maintenance & management of Aesop for certified staff on LOA- Evaluations- tracking and updating for all certified staff

HR Support/ Service Delivery- FMLA Assistance, Personal/position/compensation (collaborate with payroll)- Certified Agenda Items -  Compensation information - Notifications to Certified staff - contracts/letters/communications - Certified Staff Vacation Payout/Rollover Reports and Schedules - Loan Forgiveness Requests - Employment Verifications Requests - Badge Management, Master Teacher Committee Support 

Compliance - BCI/FBI Checks and Notifications- Volunteers

Human Resources Information Systems - Applitrack Management & Assistance- AESOP setup Certificated/ Administrative Staff, Public Schools Works- tracking and compensation for certified employees
Maya Smith
Maya Smith- Classified Support
Confidential Administrative Assistant




Recruitment/Talent Management -  Classified Job Postings - All internal & external (AppliTrack) - HR Social media/connections - Coordination and Scheduling of Meetings/Interviews - Prospective new employee testing - Interview and Recruitment Packets and Materials - Orientations/Onboarding for classified staff/Coaches/District Subs

Reference checks- Orientations/ Onboarding for Classified Staff/ Classified Subs/ Interns- Resolutions/ Appointments/ Changes/ Separations(for classified  personnel )-Exit Data for All Classified Staff - Leave /Maintenance (FMLA, sick, admin COBRA) -Collaboration with payroll - Probation Notices- Substitute assignment maintenance & management of Aesop for classified staff on LOA- Evaluations- tracking and updating for all classified staff

HR Support/ Service Delivery - Badge Management - Employment Verifications Requests, Reasonable Assurance for non-260 day classified employees - Monitor Preference, Personal/position/compensation (collaborate with payroll)- Classified Agenda Items -  Compensation information - Notifications to Classified staff - contracts/letters/communications - Classified Support Staff Vacation Payout/Rollover Reports and Schedules – Loan Forgiveness Requests – Classified Employment Verifications Requests - Badge Management


Compliance- Licensure/Credentials Information- permits CDLs - BCI/FBI Checks and Notifications

Human Resources Information Systems- Applitrack Management & Assistance-Classified Staff, Timeware System Management - All timeware setup, questions, issues - AESOP support for Classified Staff (including maintenance) 
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