Application Process


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Application Process



  1. Student and parent/guardian must complete and sign the Options Program Student Application and Parent Referral before turning it into the School Counselor, Principal, or Social Worker.
  2. HHS staff must complete the School Referral.
  3. HHS staff must submit the completed application to:

Dr. Kristie Cooper, Options Program School Counselor
Delisle Educational Options Center


  1. A district team will review each application.
  2. Selected candidates will be contacted by Options Program staff and invited to schedule an interview.
  3. Options Program staff will interview the selected students with a parent/guardian.
  4. Options Program staff will determine which students are admitted in the program.  


  1. Accepted students, parents, and high school personnel are informed of the admission decision by phone. Students who are not admitted will be informed by mail. They are welcome to reapply in the next application pool.
  2. Accepted students are informed of their orientation/start date.
  3. Accepted students enter a two-week trial period and are monitored by the Options Program staff. Attendance is a crucial component for successful completion of the trial period.
  4. Students who successfully complete the trial period will continue at Options. Meetings will be held to discuss alternatives with students who do not successfully complete the trial period.

Options Program Application Packet

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