Facilities Accountability Committee (FAC)


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Facilities Accountability Committee (FAC)

Facilities Accountability Committee

The mission of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District’s Facilities Accountability Committee (FAC) is to monitor and regularly report to the Board of Education regarding the status, progress and expenditure of funds for Phase 1 of the District’s comprehensive plan, as authorized by District voters as Issue 81 in November 2013.

The FAC’s responsibilities include: monitoring the implementation of the Facilities Master Plan; as well as reviewing the status of construction, financing and fundraising, following proposed and actual construction costs, and reviewing community engagement in school planning, construction contracting and construction workforce.

Membership on the FAC is limited to residents, Board liaison, and city liaison (for the three cities: Cleveland Hts., University Hts., South Euclid) and will be strictly voluntary. The initial ten (10) members of the FAC have been appointed by the Board of Education from applications received through an open nomination process.

In making the selection of initial FAC members, the Board of Education has attempted to include diverse representation from a cross-section of stakeholders including parents, non-parent residents, business owners, labor members and other community members, as well as represent geographically and demographically diverse residents. Any subsequent additions or changes to the roster of FAC members will be based on recommendations from the FAC, to be approved by the Board of Education.

There is no fixed term for membership on the FAC. Replacement members will be added as needed. Members are expected to serve on the FAC at least until completion of the renovations to Cleveland Heights High School (2017). By December 31, 2016, the Board of Education will begin a process of either expanding the FAC, or empanelling a new, separate committee, to monitor Phase 1 renovations to Monticello and Roxboro Middle Schools.

The members of the FAC are required to hold their first meeting, with public notice, by January 31, 2014. In their first meeting, the FAC will determine their process for identifying a chair, vice chair and secretary, along with any other officers the FAC deems necessary. Additionally, the FAC will then determine their regular meeting schedule, to be held no less than once per quarter. The FAC meeting schedule will be posted on the Board of Education website and circulated to members of the media. Materials, meeting notes and products of the FAC are to be made publicly available.

The FAC reports to the Board on the outcomes of the specific commitments made as part of the Facilities planning process:

  • Completion of Phase 1 renovations to Heights High School, and Monticello and Roxboro Middle Schools, within the budget of $157 million.
  • Completion of all Phase 1 work within five years (by 2019)
  • Minimum LEED Silver certification
  • Increased energy-efficiency in renovated buildings
  • ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance of renovated buildings
  • The relocation of Career/Technical programs to Heights High School
  • Preservation of the core architecture of historic buildings
  • Ensuring the design of new construction is consistent with the historic design of existing structures
  • Enhanced safety and security in renovated buildings
  • Competition pool with community access
  • Maximize EDGE participation – diverse hiring practices
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