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Licensing Procedures

Types of licenses and requirements for renewal under the licensure standards:

Provisional License (2 year)

Upon completion of an approved teacher education program, graduates are given a provisional license, which may be used for substitute teaching, and which requires three (3) semester hours to renew (6-9 semester hours, if lapsed). In order to transition from a two-year provisional license to a five-year professional license, the teacher must successfully complete the CH-UH entry-year program, pass Praxis III State assessment, and meet all other requirements as specified by the Ohio Department of Education. Renewal occurrence and regulations are restricted by the Ohio Department of Education.

Professional License (5 year):

In order to transition to or renew the initial five-year license, educators must successfully earn 6 semester hours, 18 CEU’s contact hours, or 180 PDU’s for other pre-approved professional development activities.

During the second professional license, educators must earn an M.A., an M.Ed., or 30 semester hours of graduate credit (required by State Law, Ch.3304-24 of the Administrative Code). Individuals already holding a Master’s degree must earn six (6) semester hours, 18 CEU’s or contact hours, or 180 PDU’s for other pre-approved activities.

The professional license is valid for five (5) years and may be subsequently renewed by individuals currently employed in a school district upon verification that the following requirements have been completed since the issuance of the license to be renewed:

  • Six (6) semester hours of course work related to the goals of your IPDP, OR
  • Eighteen (18) CEU’s or Contact Hours related to the goals of your IPDP, OR
  • One hundred eighty (180) PDU’s awarded by the Local Professional Development Committee for other pre-approved professional development activities.

Regular duties of your current position, including supplemental contracts, are NOT eligible for PDU’s for other professional development activities.

Educators Who Are Licensed by Other Professional Boards

Under the 1998 Standards, physical therapists, school social workers, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, school nurses, and occupational therapists are required to maintain licensure through the other professional organization in that area. In order to renew Department of Education licenses, these educators must maintain their other board license. By doing so, they meet all Department of Education renewal requirements and therefore do not need to work through the LPDC. These individuals will renew by submitting a renewal application with proof of current professional license to the Department of Education.

revised 1/15/2015

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