Renewal Timeline


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Renewal Timeline

Certification/Licensure Renewal Timeline

Licensed/Certified staff members who have licenses/certificates that are scheduled for renewal must file an IPDP at the time of renewal. The IPDP should outline the professional development activities that are planned for the upcoming 5 years until the next expiration..

  1. Submit one copy of your IPDP to the LPDC Committee via the employee Kiosk at the beginning of your license cycle and PRIOR to the start of any course work or activities.
  2. The IPDP will be reviewed at the monthly LPDC meeting.
  3. If you would like to revise your IPDP, submit one copy of the revision to the LPDC Committee
    for approval.
  4. You must include verifications of completion of all Graduate Hours, CEU’s, Contact Hours,
    and PDU activities to the LPDC at the time of renewal, along with the pre-approval forms for
    each activity when applicable to HR.
  5. All licensure renewal applications must be completed online.

Revised 1/15/2015

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