Family and Consumer Sciences


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Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Science

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   Shawndreika Idahosa

Career Search and Planning Skills
Students will create or update their Individual Academic Career Plan while developing the following: Time management skills; stress management skills; coping and personal resiliency skills and learn how to develop core employability skills to be successful at school and in the workplace.
Foods: Safe and Healthy
Class activities focus on the use of food to maintain wellness by studying nutrition, menu planning, cooking skills, safety sanitation, and management of personal resources such as time and money. Working in teams, students plan and prepare a variety of food items and evaluate them. Topics also include careers in the food service/hospitality industry and an introduction to cake decorating is included! Necessary life skills such as problem-solving, citizenship, balancing work and family responsibilities and relating well to others are also practiced.
Foods: Safe and Healthy 2
In this class you will learn how to modify recipes to meet the social, health needs, and tastes of the people consuming your creations. The application of healthy eating habits and good nutrition will guide many of the recipes that are prepared. Information related to the Hospitality Industry is presented. Foundation skills, (problem solving, citizenship, balancing work and family life and interpersonal skills) upon which all Family and Consumer Science classes are based, are used to strengthen the course.
GRADS (Graduation, Reality and Dual-role Skills)
GRADS is an in-school instructional and intervention program for pregnant and parenting teens, serving both male and female students. The objectives focus on graduation, positive health care practices, positive parenting practices, post high school education and career goals, balancing work and family, building healthy relationships and delaying subsequent pregnancies. The class helps to serve as a support group, increasing the likelihood that students will remain in school. Involvement of community agencies and organization provides information and support services for students.
Managing Life Transitions
Teens will set personal, school, family, and life goals and then analyze their personal assets and resources to develop and implement plans to achieve their goals. Supporting topics to be studied are: Time management skills; causes and implications of stress and how to address the results; coping with change; changes in gender roles and responsibilities and their impact in all areas of our lives; and the importance of academic success now and in the future.
Topics for study will include such items as: How to build a positive parent-child relationship, abuse and neglect of children, positive guidance and discipline to promote self-discipline, positive self-esteem, and socially responsible behavior in children. Class members will experience caring for a newborn infant for several days through the use of infant simulators (“Baby Think It Over” dolls).

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