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School Counseling

Monticello Middle School Counseling Services

Our Guidance Counselors have many different roles that aid in supporting the success of all students in the CHUH school district. Over the summer, they work diligently scrutinizing educational records to ensure students are placed in classes that will meet their educational needs and push them to develop academically. The goal of the guidance department is for every student to be supported both academically and emotionally. 

Counselors review and maintain our building’s 504 plans and assist with individual education plans. They also communicate with parents and staff members to find out which students would benefit from social skills groups like Girls Circle, Boys Council, and grief group. Middle school is a challenging time for academic and emotional growth due to physical changes the adolescent body goes through. Counselors teach our students how to deal with impulsive behavior and conflict in a constructive manner and provide support when breakdowns occur. 

The staff of Monticello Middle School takes bullying very seriously and is committed to fostering a bully free environment. Counselors facilitate in-class guidance lessons to educate students about the ramifications of hurtful actions and poor decision-making.   Counselors will also facilitate mediation meetings to help resolve student disagreements when appropriate.

The guidance department coordinates the administration of the AIR tests. These tests replace the PARCC tests and are aligned with Common Core standards. The entire Monticello Middle School staff, students, and parents have to work together for successful assessment outcomes. We understand that the assessments can be stressful.   Our counseling team works with our community to provide tips and strategies for addressing anxiety related to assessment concerns.   

Every Monticello Middle School student has received a daily planner. These are being used as an organizational tool across in all classrooms. Teachers are working with students to make sure that they record when assignments are due and manage their workload. Please ask you student to see their planner on a weekly/daily basis. This is a good way to keep up to date with what is expected in the classroom and upcoming projects. Parents can also access Infinite Campus to see grades and attendance. 

The guidance department is looking forward to a very successful school year and we are here to assist you in your educational journey. Please email or call counselors with questions regarding scheduling, social issues, or any concerns that you may have. 

      Mr. Holland (Last names A-L)            [email protected]

      Mrs. Carr (Last names M-Z)                R [email protected]


Common MYTHS about Counselors…

[Myth #1:] ANY information that you share with a counselor is CONFIDENTIAL.

While some information that you share with a school counselor is indeed confidential, if information is shared that could potentially be harmful to the well-being/life of one or more persons (especially students) or would generally be helpful for a teacher/staff, parent or administrator to be aware of, then such information may be shared.

[Myth #2:] If I go to a counselor, then there must be something wrong with me.

A student may visit the counseling office for a variety of reasons (see some examples below); however, a visit to meet with one of the counselors does not necessarily mean that a student is in trouble or that a particular student cannot handle their issue(s) on their own. In fact, it is usually very healthy for a student to seek out professional support, whenever they are in need. Written permission should always accompany each student to his/her counseling visit.

  • Disruption, horseplay/or failure to comply with directives
  • Intimidation/Harassment/Intimidation behaviors
  • Victimizing/Threatening
  • Self-referral (scheduling, peer conflict, teacher/staff concerns, etc.)

[Myth #3:] Counselors are ONLY available for students.

Students are counselors’ first priority. That being said, parents have every right and are encouraged to meet with and seek out support from their child’s counselors. At Monticello Middle School, it is our hope that parents and families will feel comfortable visiting the guidance counseling office whenever necessary. For more resources for parents, feel free to check out additional links on this guidance page.

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